Using my xbox 360 stick on my pc?

i doubt it is, but is it possible to do? and if not what exactly would i need to do to my xbox stick to make it compatible with my pc??

It is not working for you?
You just need to get the Driver from Microsoft.

If you have any new version of Microsoft software, the 360 drivers should be installed. But if not, you can get them for free. I’d just plug it in a USB port and see what it says. If it reads, you’re good, if not, get drivers.

xbox driver should work, if your trying to use it with some games that does not recognize the stick then download xpadder

oh man i forgot to add im trying to use it on mame plus plus 0.119 and it say “unable to set absolute mode for joystick 0” how do i fix this??

matters on the usb also i got like 8 usb but the only usb that works for me with a pci usb card lol so go figure