Using Nightmare Boosta as chip damage!

lol I played this cody 3 times on ranked until he decided to boot me the 4th time I entered! I think he got mad because of the free chip, or my BP wasn’t good enough for him!

EX Zonk and U2 would have beaten your Nightmare Booster clean in those situations.

I do like to throw, slide and do a late U1 to make the most out of the invincible frames. It’s some of the best early SF4 ways of doing any damage with U1 for me

Chipping with Ultra 2 is so much more satisfying though

I was watching some of my evo 2009 matches and I can’t believe how many times I successfully used that trick. I may have to try to bring it back in AE.

For example, round 1 LOL

edit: It’s a cell phone recording…

the cody lacked the knowledge to do so

Yeah, I use that quite a bit, depending on the options the other player has. However, doing it then was really risky.

Exactly. It may have been input lag LOL.

Ultra 1 is good for chipping.
Sometimes I use even when my opponent has Ultra/Reversals.

Bison’s Ultra has gigantic invulnerability and 4 invincible attack frames.
It gets difficult for the opponent to properly time their reversals.
Sometimes, even works against Ultras. Not a solid technique. More of a gimmick.

As for a more solid use… Ultra 1 chips + beats Blanka’s EX Reversals

I just recently switched over to ultra 1 for that chip damage except when i play ryu

so using Ultra 1 would be considered lag tacting or something?

Works offline too ¬¬

i switched back to U1, after they raped U2. Haven’t looked back since.

They didn’t. During my last months playing SSF4, It was quite difficult to use U2 already against those who already knew how it worked.
Its long startup required buffering, and it’s a kind of buffering an experienced opponent could easily see.
Had it smaller startup, around 14f or such, we would’ve been able to input it on reaction, without heavy buffering. Like this, changing to charge motion would’ve surely been a true nerf.

This is also true if you land hell attack, in super you could just buffer it on the way down and get it to land fairly easily despite its long startup. Now however you have to really stagger the first and second hits and the first has to be at the top of their jump just about. Requiring charge plus a 22 frame startup damn near killed its usefulness.

I admit it’s much more difficult to perform it after Hell Attack. Using backjump MP makes it a bit easier.
As for punishing, nothing really changed for me.

Well for me it did kill its ability to make people at least think about throwing a fireball in the case where you are trying to get the life lead back a situation that is bound to happen often due to Bison’s low damage in comparison to most of the cast and crappy AA. Obvious buffering or not it did allow you to move in and the threat of it was enough to at least make them think twice, its value was in its deterrent value not necessarily landing it. Making it a charge move killed its deterrent factor.

Besides all the plasma chuckers had adjusted to the move by the end of Super anyways so I have no idea why they had to change it in the first place.

they should have just made it a 10 frame startup, qcf motion move, but only given it 225 damage. it would be very helpful in certain matches, but not completely ridiculous

Most ultra’s are able to beat bison’s U1. Like Kriger Stern said, bison does have alot of invincibility on it, but most delayed ultra’s will beat it.
So will 3f ex dps.

its good though in some matchups, for chars that cant beat the ultra without their ultra, like Fei Long (Blanka as said earlier )

No, it would be ridiculous. Ultra 2’s usefulness doesn’t start when Bison has it ready.
Against Ryu, for example, you can just back up and focus his fireballs. He’ll get Half EX meter while you get Half Revenge meter.
Ultra 2 makes fireballing dangerous from the very start. Ryu will eventually ask himself why he’s chunking plasma if the only thing he’s really doing is filling your Ultra so you can punish it.

anyone would an invincible reversal can probably hit u right out of it though… it’s not that hard to start mashing once bison begins the U1 animation