Using one fighting game to learn another a bad idea?


I attempt to use ultrasf4 as a buffer to stand a chance in kof13, and it doesn’t work because everything beyond fundamentals is different.
It’s definitely not for me in terms of difficulty but I like the gameplay and artstyle and would like to learn even the basic bnbs for these characters:
Chin/leona/daimon/duolon/mature/clark to a passable degree since combos matter more in this game.

Tekken combos are the easiest I’ve attempted because of how that game was made, but for stuff like kof the gravity and the moves seem off.


Some games can help with fundamentals in general, but yeah, using one game to learn another doesn’t make a lot of sense generally.


KOF13 and SF4 ask completely different things from you - SF4 doesn’t really care about your stick inputs being clean or fast, but it wants you to time your button presses with clockwork precision. KOF13 is just the opposite - because combos are all cancels, there’s less animation frames to go through so your inputs need to be fast, and the game’s less lenient shortcuts require some cleanliness from your inputs. That same cancel system that requires your stick inputs to be clean and fast allows you to be a lot sloppier with your button press timing than SF4.

As far as I’m concerned, doing the simple stuff (ie. some buttons => Special move) is easier in KOF. You want to get good at KOF, practice KOF. SF4 won’t help you much, the games are so different in tone, from play mentality, execution style to movement that it’s best to just learn KOF.

If you want games that synergize with learning KOF, Smash Bros (esp. Melee), Under Night In-Birth, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, older KOFs, maybe even 3rd Strike or Super Turbo are all better options.


Playing ST and SF3 training mode only, kinda helps me getting faster and cleaner inputs for the basic shit in SF4 like 2xQCF and SRK motions.


Kills carry over. Being good at 3S/ST/A2 allowed me to jump into SF4 right away and be successful.

Even when you play games that are completely different. Like say, VF or Tekken, and then transitioning to SF, knowing frame advantage and things and the knowledge will carry over.


Guilty gear was the hardest game I’ve played ever. Virtua fighter should just become a doa thing, those 2 franchises fit way too well to be separate :confused:
I like kof but drive cancels eh, I wish they had what squiggly got, cancelling a move but not hitting the opponent as the cancel or guilty gear burst.
Even sf4 has fadc, drive cancels put you in a different mode with different attributes on the moves but imo it needs more.

Another example is how cviper can do that glove feint, if they had moves with even just feinting properties you could cancel into that’d make kof so crazy. Like just cancelling from a basic combo with a feint then doing another combo after a feint etc.


If you learn how to play Guilty Gear, Persona, or Blazblue, you will get the gist of how ArcSystem Works games play (bursts, Roman cancels, etc.). Guilty Gear is the hardest execution-wise.


I’ve been playing 3rd strike and Super Turbo a lot recently and have found that the difficulty of those games surpasses SF4’s. So just by association of SF4 being easier and you playing the harder games, it’s obviously going to be beneficial to your execution. Spanning different game series is a trickier situation though as every fighting game series is different.