Using pc as middleman to do progrmmable macros on console controllers?


I need a software that can store commands with frame precision for gamepads and then map them to a hot key of some sort so that I can record videos on console and figure out the properties of some just frame moves (obviously I can do the just frames myself! no, rly! believe me man! I can do just frames! 1 in 1000 tries still counts! srs talk yo!)

saw a setup where a guy plugged his pad into his pc through usb cable, and wirelessly connected to his console.
he used certain software to memorize and loop a input string, but I can’t figure out what software he used. I searched the keywords but nothing looks like that program. his account was long dead, so I couldn’t even contact him

software shown at 23 seconds, but blurry screen makes his software name unrecognizable, don’t really need the one he’s using, any alternative is fine as well (except buy an actual programmable gamepad because I don’t have extra $ right now)


What just frames do you want to investigate?


hey noodalls, I remember you built your own programmable stick when you showed that just frame CS for SC5, but I was hoping for a software only version without any hardware involved.

after some investigation, it seems my only option is to use gimx. have you come across the program in the screenshot I posted? even gimx looks nothing like that. why is some random guy able to do this and no one knows what he did?


This is actually really interesting for a completely unrelated reason. What if we could totally forsake the old school pad hack project boxes and uh… have a PC box instead? Open sourced, easy to update and have pad emulators you can switch on the fly. Would be super handy for tournaments. You could probably even build one out of a raspberry pi, plug any stick or controller in, select the console output you want, hit go.


hmmm… after actually watching the full video, it seems he is just using an older version of xim. xim is just too freaking expensive though, gimx is a lot cheaper, but then again you still need the usb device to send the commands, there’s no way around it unless you use a bluetooth dongle with linux.


lag might be an issue, why walk when you can fly? >.>

Raspberry pi has a few realtime OS’s available would be good for that sort of thing. I have a Raspberry Pi around here somewhere here doing nothing.


On an older system, you could have bit-banged with the parallel port. Beside using bluetooth - i.e. GIMX - I don’t think there are any viable ‘software only’ solutions on modern systems. This is doubly true for consoles that have cryptographic locks of some kind on their controllers.

If you have the tools, it should be relatively inexpensive and easy to wire a stick and microcontroller together. padhack a microcontroller into a stick.

The computational requirements are so low that “Realtime OS” is overkill for ppad applications.


The real work would come in creating emulators of the security chips on the console pad PCBs.


Not really possible, even with the computational power of something like this. Remember, even things like GIMX/XIM utilize the real pads to bypass security and simply inject information in the stream.

Really what you’re looking for is pretty much what a Cronus/TitanOne already is. They do macros that you can program pretty easily IIRC, might as well give that a shot.