Using PlayStationHome to set up SF4 & HDR matches

Hello - As most of you know, there is limited friend slots allowed per PSN account (about 100). I thought of a way to expand your player base by meeting people using Playstation Home. Here’s what I suggest people do:

1: Have Playstation Home (North America Region*) installed and updated.

2: Invite your friends to Playstation Home and meet up.

3: Match up with friends of friends in whatever game. SF4 uses “Game Launching”. People are using this service to match up with other games as well. This could expand the SF4/HDR community greatly if used properly.

Surely there are other ways to meet up with other players on this board and/or IRC, but you can do this all using just the PS3.

If you’re still confused how this would work, I’ll create a scenario:

1: I’m online, maybe 10 of my friends are also online. One friend is "Akuma__sf2"
2: I see “Akuma__Sf2” on Playstation Home and “Go To” him.
3: I ask Akuma__Sf2 to have his friends meet up on Playstation Home.
4: I ask my other friends to meet up on Playstation Home.
5: My friends ask their friends to come to PS Home.
6: We exchange strategies, talk trash. etc etc before setting up a match.

Assuming I get all my friends (10) into PS Home, then they get all their friends into PS Home, we’ll have 100 different players able to match up. I’d love to be able to add everyone here, but that isn’t possible at the moment.

Once again, this can work with many other games, not just SF4/HDR. If you’re like me, you have different friends that play non-SF games and your friend’s list is always full.

Feel free to add anything that might make this work better.

EDIT- * There are 4+ Regions for Playstation Home. They are - North America, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe. This can only work if all players use the same Region of PS Home.