Using PS3 Fight Stick on PS2 (Adapter?)


Long time lurker.
I’ve found ton’s of PS2 -> PS3 adapters, but no PS3->PS2 adapters.

In other words, I’d like to use my Mad Catz TE stick on my PS2.
So it’ll be a USB Female to PS2 Male correct?

Sorry if this is a dupe question. Any help would be great.

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just stick a pcb in her and call it a day


Can you point me in the right direction?
I have no problems with soddering and engineering things together.
Is there a schematic? What about etching the board? Any good sites to look at?


here ya go good buddy
more to the point (straight ps1 pcb)

isnt at all complicated (doing things the sloppy way). just solder wires on exposed/scratched contacts and splice the wires on your stick/buttons.

OR you could go the fancy way and use the MC Cthulhu board and make a detachable cable. (i recommend going this way, its just more fun)
The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor! (for Cthulhu info) (permanently solder ps1 cable to the board/permanently attached to your stick)

the fanciest of the fancy feasts
RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2 (my favorite method, detachable cable with ethernet ports)

that should be some good toilet reading for ya

after lurking for years i joined a few years back just to ask this very question.

best option for me was to pay a modder to drop in the PSone dualshock pcbs (the white pads that come with the tiny PSone, very good with converters)

but looking back now i would recommend you to drop in the multi console cthulu (its got its own thread here in tt)


OK, was doing some thinking…I know I shouldn’t do that too much, its not good for the brain.

I can’t tell from the picts, but does the MC Cthulu have a USB on one end? Is it female?

In other words, instead of messing up my stick, I’d like to pass USB to the cthulu board, and and then make the RJ45 adapters.
This way, i could have a box that can be used with other arcade sticks.

Does any of that seem rational?


That’s not an input, you’re thinking about this the wrong way.

maybe all is not lost… email correspondence with support

forty_nine_49: there are many adapters from ps2 to ps3. and still no reverse on a ps3 to ps2. he is required to use ps3 arcade stick on ps2. PLEASE CREATE ADAPTER PS3 TO PS2!!! I’ll buy it!
**arcadeforge: **USB OTG is needed. And this expensive plus tons pf work. :wink: No wonder that nobody wants to do this :slight_smile: Ill discuss with my colleguages.* **forty_nine_49:** *many people are looking it! people are forced to buy expensive old ps2 arcade fight stick, to play ps2 and ps3 adapter :(* **arcadeforge:** *We already implemented the decoding of the USB protocoll. But weve to clean the develop and weve to judge again the price. 12 month ago was the development and we decided not go further the way because it was to expensive for the end customer price. No one will buy nearly 40- 50€ adapter. Hopefully some parts prices are dropped. * **forty_nine_49:** *I'll buy! and many will buy! because it is cheaper quality arcade stick for ps2. for example* **arcadeforge:** *Currently not. Ill put it on the project list for 2014 anyway…

Nice idea, but I am afraid it could be too niche of a market.

With undamned’s USB->discrete outputs PCB coming out soon, you would be able to hook up one of those onto something like an MC Cthulhu, and effectively get a PS3 Stick -> PS2 plug adapter.

However, you’d be looking at at least $35 (undamned’s PCB) + $30 (MC Cthulhu) + $3 (PS2 cable) + time to wire it up and build it.

Not worth it…!

The cheapest solution is the MC Cthulu by itself.
And yeah, you’ll also have to buy the RJ-45 passthrough jack ($8-$12 online) AND RJ-45 cables for various systems you want to use the joystick on unless you make those cables yourself.

Keeping an MC Cthulu in a joystick with an existing PS3 PCB – very redundant. Aside from Turbo functions and lack of “DLR” capacity, the MC Cthulu does everything the stock PS3 PCB does… and has the PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility in addition at least 12 other systems. And is a hell of a lot more convenient to use with PC emulation, too. And you don’t have the issue (SO FAR!) of a Cthulu-class PCB not being compatible with Mac, PC, or model of PS3 just 'cuz of some stupid graphics card/motherboard/CPU issues.

There was never an add-on PCB made to make PS3 controllers backwards compatible. This only happened with the TE Kitty and Kitty VLX PCB’s (for the 360) because A) the 360 market for dual-usage/PS3 compatibility was huge; and B) the Cthulu had already developed into a multi-compatible version that could be repackaged economically for the 360 add-on PCB. It was never going to be “worth it” for any PCB developers to make a PS3 add-on PCB for backwards compatibility.

I want to buy it . What do you think?

god if it was i’d be playing MVC2 and Street fighter ex3 all fucking day…

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