Using PS360+ on a Retron 5

Has anyone been able to use a PS360+ stick with a Retron 5?

I have a RJ45 -> SNES cable that works on a real SNES, but it does not work on my Retron 5.

Retron 5 isn’t an actual SNES and the PS360+ has issues with adapters and unofficial consoles (especially ones made from stolen software).
The PS360+ depends on the console to know what mode to go into unless you can force a mode. Question is can the PS360+ be forced into SNES mode.
He could have the situation that the controller ports aren’t set as proper system controller ports and depend on the actual controller to know what system’s controllers it’s supporting.

Sorry, I should have specified that I have tried forcing the PS360+ into SNES mode by holding 3K as outlined in the software guide.

I understand that it may not work with unofficial/clone/emulated consoles.
I was just hoping someone may have had some success.

If forcing the PS360+ into SNES mode didn’t work then it’s not going to work.
The PS360+ is expecting an actual console.
The Retron 5 isn’t a actual console, its a Android set-top unit with a hardwired adapter and emulation.
The controller adapter is expecting a actual SNES controller.

The PS360+ needs (and is dependent of) the actual console activity for it’s handshake
The Retron needs an actual controller’s signals to initiate a handshake.
The controller and system never makes that handshake nothing will work.

The PS360+ and the Retron 5 is just sitting their waiting for both “to give the secret password” and nether wants to do anything about it.

Have you tried using an official SNES controller while starting up a game, pausing, and then swapping that controller for the PS360+ controller?

I don’t know if that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

From personal experience, I CAN confirm though that these 3rd Party SNES controllers work:
Capcom Fighter Power Stick
C&L Controls Championship Joystick
ASCIIWare Fighter Pad

And these don’t:
Happ Competition Pro
Quickshot SuperCon