Using SA3




I was wondering if anybody has an useful tactics for using SA3. I’m aware of using it after a parry, but ar their any other effective ways of using it?


There used to be a thread about this entitled “Blue Nocturne: the forgotten super art,” but I guess it got lost in the big crash or something. Anyways, I’ll put some stuff here for you to try:

execute that toward+MK overhead early on an opponent’s wakeup, but make sure you’re a bit distanced so he doesn’t try to throw you, and instead try to do something else. That’s your que.

You can do it after a cold blue kick, especially one that falls just short so that they don’t block. At least half the time they’ll try to retaliate, and you might get hit depending on their reactions, but if you miss you recover pretty quickly.

Also, if you think you can predict the kind of player they are at least a little bit, do some slow air strike in the middle of your jump or slightly afterwards as you’re flying towards them. If you think they’re going to throw, you can try to tech or prepare a flash kick. If you think they’re going to strike when you land, you can safely execute the super without getting hit first.

Do things that make him look vulnerable but that recover faster than it would seem, such as his standing heavy kick while they’re ducking, or his standing MP.

Try it after a missed throw.

Also, some general playing strategies… You have a really short bar, and it fills up quickly, so if you think you have a feel for how you can land the super, remember this property and that you can execute it probably twice during a match (whether or not those will connect is a different matter entirely, but let’s remain optimistic).

Since he has only one bar, you should refrain from doing EX moves unless you have to, or unless you see an opportunity for big damage that allows you to use both hits of the EX rage flash, such as an opponent missing an uppercut you can instead of the crouching fierce do a low MP into ex rage flash, though in the corner and depending on where they are in the air, it might be more damaging to do a normal juggle anyways.

It can also be used as a scare tactic to pressure your opponent into not poking when he usually would, or just plain turtling. In that case, it’s time to do a high-low mixup game with throws abound.

If you find yourself sucking with it, don’t feel too bad. It’s widely regarded as a shitty super anyways.


Thank you very much! I’ll give these a try.


learn to fight AS remy without using EX’S IF U Can do that THE FEar of having a BN charged will either scare or make the oponentmore aggressive because they doubt u’ll use it. hit them with it once and your set… u dont win with BN hitting with the super u win by making the ooponent fear. if they dont fear then u wont win with it.