Using Sega Genesis controllers on PC?

I notice the back of my pc has a port that a sega genesis controller would fit right into. Can I plug it in, then install a driver or something to make it work?


Are you talking about the serial ports? Those are a bit diff, I believe Genesis port are proprietary but you would need to consult google.

No, I believe he’s talking about oldschool dedicated Gameports which are different. Pretty much all game controllers before USB used a “gameport” which is the same spec as serial but uses less pins if I remember correctly.

You can use Genny controllers on Atari 2600 and Atari 800 computers, I am not sure about PC gameports though, I don’t think so.

There was a site that specialised in converting your old controllers for USB/PC use. Retro somethin…Gotta look it up.

Note: They used to have Genesis and others consoles, never used the service but I’m sure an e-mail should clear things up in terms of inventory.

Edit 2: If you want a easy to use USB controller with NO hassle, get a Logitech Precision, very good for ol’ skool stuff. And for only $9.95 (what I payed for it at my local Gamestop) it maps in with little ease, just config what ever program your using and your off and running.

You could use genesis pads on the parallel (printer) port with drivers like ppjoy or directpad, but you’d have to make or buy a (very simple) DB9–>DB25 cable to plug it in.