Using SFAC stick PCB in SE stick?

Hey guys, was wondering if this is recommended against. It should be fairly straight forward - I have a SFAC stick that I don’t use (on stock parts), and was thinking of transplanting the PCB into my 360 SE stick, which I plan to upgrade to use Seimitsu parts. I mainly only use the stick on PC(don’t have a 360 anymore), and would like to have the option for PS3. This way, i’d be able to use the SE stick on PC, PS2, PS3, and original Xbox. I’d keep the old PCB just in case.

Any thoughts? I am pretty sure that a dual mod is out of the question due to the setup of the SFAC PCB. I do have a spare older ps2 akuma pad that I could padhack into the stick, but i don’t know about spacing in there.

With enough elbow grease, any PCB can be fit into any case.

you could, or just get an mc-cthulhu and call it a day

good points, i was looking at the cthulhu but I’m cheap. In the end the cthulhu will save me time so that is the best way to go. Thanks!