Using SFxT PS3 stick on PC with xinput

Can I do it, I know that there’s an app that fakes ps3 controllers as 360 controllers as a virtual device, could i do it it with this stick? I want to play SSFIV on PC. I’d get a 360 one but PS3 versions are in stock and ar cheaper on amazon.

well does the game read the inputs for your stick normally? go to the config and see if it recognizes your stick and if the buttons work. If not , you can try testing it with the program your talking about, motionjoy or joy2key are other good programs you may want to look at as well. Also does your ps3 stick work for anything else on ur pc? and is it being read by your computer once plugged in?

You don’t need to emulate 360 using motionjoy or another program for SF4 on PC

ya you should be able to just plug it in and play, if it dont work right away try going to options and then button config. If it doesnt work, it could be an issue due to the compatibility with your stick and your PC

There should be no problems with the fightstick pro. At most you would just have to go to button config inside SSF4