Using shortcut for motions bad in SFIV?

So I have been messing around with adon, but I am terrible with my DP motion it just does not come naturally especially when facing towards the right. When I do his BnBs I can land them consistently when I do the shortcut DF DF for the DP rather than the actual motion. I am just wondering is it bad to get used to this or should I just keep practicing with the real DP motion?

It’s not bad as long as the input consistently comes out (no accidental supers or anything) and you realize it won’t help you in other games. Otherwise, do what you have to do to win. Of course it won’t hurt to practice the real DP motion, but as long as it doesn’t hurt you, keep going for it. There are several situations where shortcuts are better to use (e.g. they let you do dp without ever standing up).

Learn the actual motion, you’re cheating yourself by not doing it, especially when you consider that after a week or so of proper drilling the correct motion will come out without you having to think about it. The difference is now you have proper execution that transfers from game to game and not gimmick execution that will cause you losses and frustration if you ever decide to play anything other than SF4.

I really don’t agree with this. I play a lot of different games that all use vastly different inputs and mechanics, and varying tricks and shortcuts for performing certain commands. The best thing you can do is whatever is going to make your desired action come out, consistently and easily. If the DP shortcut is more consistent for you, do that. Learn stuff for other games on a need-to-learn basis.

The notion that you will develop bad execution habits in other games by learning shortcuts is nonsense; you’re a human being with the ability to adapt.

  • I’m not saying don’t use both I’m saying don’t not learn execution for the proper version, just because the shortcut is easier.
  • The dragon punch motion, after the fireball motion is probably the second most used input in fighting games. There are fighting games with vastly different inputs but there are more major games with a dragon punch motion than without. Look at the EVO lineup and notice how many games don’t have a DP motion move. This isn’t some obscure motion, its so common its literally in the SRK logo.
  • I never said you will develop bad execution by learning not it, I said you won’t learn how to execute it if you don’t practice it until you get it down. What you’re suggesting is running away from executional weakness instead of practicing until it is gone. A player’s execution of basic moves should not dictate which character they have to use in a fighting game.
  • Are you saying it would be better to junk a character and go to a new character rather than spending a week or less learning the proper transitionable version of their moves? Because as of right now Dopesauce would have to learn the proper execution anyway or switch characters to play any other version of SF.

I agree with you for the most part, it’s obviously very important to be able to do DP motions in fighting games. But in the OP’s case, it’s not important for him right now. He’s going to learn more about how to play the game by having his moves come out when he wants them to. You can practice more difficult stuff in your spare time, but use whatever works when you’re playing.

The way I see it, it’s like how the HCF motion is also important, but you wouldn’t recommend for a beginner to do a HCF every time they throw a Hadoken just for the sake of practicing it in case they later want to play Rose, right? QCF is the easier and more consistent input.

Well I can do the SRK motion, its just in adons case Its hard to go from Cr. LP to SRK consistently and that is where I use the shortcut, is that bad?

It’s not bad. Doing :df:+:lp: and then :df:+:lk: (or whatever) is absolutely the best way to cancel from crouching normals into DP’s. You were smart to figure it out.

Even players like Daigo use the shortcut in some situations. If crouching, for example, the traditional DP input will make you stand up, which can make it harder to do late anti-airs. You can use the shortcut without ever leaving crouch.

Just make sure you’re doing a consistent motion and not flailing. Beyond that, using shortcuts is not bad and can be more practical in some situations. Just be ready to adapt if you play another game without those shortcuts.

Yeah, I’m with the consensus. Some BNBs would otherwise be very hard if you used the normal motion.

As long as you can use the normal motion in a normal scenario, I don’t see the problem in using the shortcuts. Really, you might as well since they’re there. You’re otherwise handicapping yourself when everyone else has the same tools available and don’t have any qualms in using them.