Using Sonson vs. Sentinel or Cable



Are there any good strategies to doing this? I’ve gotten Sonson’s anti-Magneto strat down… actually, it’s more of an anti- dash in strat, but since they’re either beamers / counter characters… any good strats?

I’ll post the Sonson vs. Magneto strats later.


I couldn’t play Sonson to save my life, but there’s a good/funny vid of a half-life Sonson coming back two rounds in a row to take out a Cable/Sentinel team that has way more life. Might help some:


That is the most hilarious thing I think I’ve ever seen! I’ve pulled a stunt like that once before… (Sentinel now Fears Enou) but never quite as good. I know that the guy wasn’t used to fighting Sonson, that’s for sure.

That was lots of fun, though. Thanks for the link.

Tron Jon


i can’t dl anything of that magnitude, so could you give me the jist of what happened to have that guy win against cable/sent?


Well, having played against my local Cable - Sent guy, he knows my moves as Sonson, so this wouldn’t have happened.

Basically, what happened is that, after the first two characters of the guy’s team (Gambit, Morrigan, Sonson) got beaten, and only the first character on the other team was taken out, (Storm, Cable, Sentinel), he was forced to take on Sentinel and Cable with just Sonson.

And did. Amazingly.

What he did the most of was combo into the Giant Nyoi-Bo Slam from the Seitenrengeki. He managed to catch cable with low hits, and stayed very mobile using the wall climb and air dash… and, if Cable ever whiffed an AHVB, it was Seitenrengeki into Slam for about 1/3 damage.

He also played a bit of a poking game, and used Enou (Giant Monkey Super) against Sentinel. Sentinel, BTW, has no good way of handling that super except to run or try and catch her in the Glowy Ball… which runs the risk of getting hit by the formation. Between the chip from blocking the fire, (About 1/5 life) and actually getting caught in the fire, and getting tagged out of fly by the slam, Sentinel went down. Both matches.

Both matches, the guy started Sonson at under half life. Both matches, the Generic Cable Guy had Sentinel at full life, and Cable at either half or full. Both matches, the Cable Guy was shredded… and by a totally low tier team.

Tron Jon


wow…that’s freaken amazing. even if the cable user was an average player… it was either amazing skill, or juts plain luck. anyways, with the Giant Monkey Super (its’ easier saying this than the proper name…i get all her stuff mixed up), if Sent blocks, wouldn’t it be so easy to wait and then counter? i mean, son son does have that funky invincibility directly after (i think), but it’s not that good, right???


If Sentinel blocks, he has a few options.
1.) Dash-in, launch and combo.
2.) Rocket-Punch seems OK…
3.) Dash-in, and Glowing Sphere.
4.) Sentinel Punches.

Number 1: Doesn’t work well, because if you whiff through the invincibility, or Sonson recovers enough to block, you’ve just used a move laggy enough that Sonson can simply Seitenrengeki (rising staff spin) into her Nyoi-bo slam, for massive damage. If you do hit her, she hurts… but you’ve only got about a three to five frame window, if that… maybe even less. It’s hard to do, 'nuff said.

Option Number 2: So hard to time, the rocket punch will invariably whiff if it’s not started the moment before she flashes white… and she can recover so fast that she can immediately Enou (Giant Monkey) again, and chip him for more massive damage.

Option Number 3: Well, if you get there during the Invincibility frame, Sonson’s pretty much screwed. She’ll take tons of damage, and probably be DHC’d into something even more painful. If the ball starts after she can block… timing and your ability to dragon punch can make him regret it. Or, you can just poke him with an f+HP. That, and, nobody actually uses the Glowing Sphere. :rolleyes:

Option Number 4: Timing’s crazy on this… She can slip between the punches, or just get caught by the last set. They don’t even necessarily launch her into the meter dependent… just smack her to the ground. But if she gets caught, it hurts; her damage dealing ability isn’t bad, but her damage taking ability… Yuck.

There’s no way that Sentinel will end up anywhere near Sonson if he blocks or if the super connects well… it will pin him to the wall to be chipped, or knock him flying until after she un-morphs. The greatest danger to Sonson (from Sent) during the super is if he tech rolls behind her… He might be able to call the Glowing ball before she turns around, for a great deal of pain. This is only if he rolls during the part of the fire that is mandatory: after a short period, she can just turn around, and smash the tech-roller with the last remaining hit of her super.

The other interesting tidbit is that Sonson actually runs out of fire before the super ends if she starts out with it… pressing a kick again re-ignites it long enough for two hits… two hits which catch almost everyone who’s not used to playing against her. And quite a few who are.

If Sent. flies above or over her to avoid the fire, Sonson’s Giant Monkey Uppercut (HP) will connect with him even if he’s gotten a little behind her, and he will be knocked right into the fire. If he comes close to use his Glow Ball, he runs the risk of being hit by the formation, and either OTG’d by the fire, or rolling behind a Sonson that has by then turned around, and getting chipped. If he uses Punches (Drones?), she takes one round of them, then deals double what she took in fire. The only way that Sentinel is ever able to negate this super is to fly into the farthest, highest corner of the screen that he can, and slip between the fire. Which he never reaches, if you do it close enough to the wall, or close enough to Sentinel.

Also, a few Sentinels are dumb enough to stand while the fire is coming out… doing this guarantees taking at least a sixth of his health in chip.

So, Sentinel hurts when he sees this super… but mostly Sentinel. AHVB X3 will kill her in this mode, and Magneto can have fun comboing her until her move finally happens, and he’s behind her, and then, well, Tempest. It’s still a good super, but it needs to be done carefully.

By the way… The guy who the video is actually of feels like it was mostly luck, and the other person’s lack of experience against Sonson. That said, he was definitely good with his character.

Tron Jon


If you want to see the full and incredible damage of Sonson’s fire, there’s only one character in the game that it works on. Massive (final form) Abyss at the end of the game. Sonson can take him out with a single super, timed correctly. My record: 4 seconds to destroy Abyss.


that’s cool. me and son-son… lacking in this department. and uh…when will you post the anti-rush w/ son son? i gotta read this shit.


Just wondering how Sonsom’s AAA stacks up compared to the top tier AAA’s like capom or cyc.


Sonson’s AAA (SeitenRengeki)

High priority.
Wide Coverage area.
Multiple hits.
Potential Combo Starter.
Invincibility frame at start.
Knocks people out of supers.
Break Super Armor.
Quick end taunt.

Vulnerable to projectiles (after the first hit).
Doesn’t reach the top of the screen.
Sounds goofy.
Looks goofy.

Compared to Capcom, it’s less damaging, and has less vertical range… but it can be used more offensively, and is better for combos. Compared to Cyke, it has a different coverage area, and it lasts longer… but it may not be as comboable. Compared to Psylocke, it’s more damaging, has more range, but is not nearly as comboable.

Try it out… it’s a good assist.

Tron Jon


do you have any combos using son son’s AAA?

i tried with magneto (just for kicks and giggles) and it’s so freaken hard to land the unmashable tempest with her. don’t think you can have the full amount of hits as you would using psylocke or iron man, but i was able to get the full blow once with son son. but still, any more combos?


PsiANyd plays Cable/Sentinel/SonSon alllll the time - you might use his “Ask PsiANyd” forum to ask him for advice too. I believe generally he just does SonSon assist to knock out assists, and then AHVBs or HSFs the assist on the way down. Hellaciously annoying and damn punishing.

She pushes them waaaay far away, so I don’t think you’d have many combo opportunities, esp. with Mags.


In the corner is where I use her most often… she’s incredible for pinning. If you dash in with a low hit at the same time as Sonson starts, most people will get caught. The invincibility frame also gets a lot of people if you use her to cover your own combos.

What happens if she connects, though? As zachdms pointed out, she’s not nearly as comboable as Psylocke… and she does lift them fairly high. People do become beam bait… but how would a melee character combo off of her assist?

People with good vertical range can easily time it so they go into an aerial combo off the assist, especially in the corner (Hayato, Iron Man, T. Bonne, CapCom, Sent., etc.). Even people with poor vertical range can launch, but they have to hit right after the first hit of her assist… and that involves precise timing. It’s not too risky, though… if you miss, she covers your launcher fairly well. Magneto would have no problem getting the launch to recover, but the timing to connect would be hard.

The best way to combo off of her assist, though, is to use it as a pincher during jump-ins… or follow it after it connects. You can connect short normal combos, or combo into specials or even supers. I don’t play Magneto, but I think you might be able to call the Hyper Grav into whatever combo you want at the top of a normal jump, and drop Sonson at the beginning. That way, If she connects (and they try to counter the jump-in), you catch them. But because I normally jump-in with an attack, people are more likely to try to counter. A lot of people (me) will block if they see a Hyper Grav.

Following Sonson into the air, most characters can connect with their Fierces, charging attacks, or some lights. For example, Sentinel’s Fierce Punch hurts tagged at the end of this. Hayato’s hurts as well, and Tron can do a full combo into her drill. In addition, you land first, so you don’t have to let up the air pressure when they think you’re done.

Just some (overly-explained) suggestions.

Tron Jon