Using SRK emoticons

Hey, not really sure where to ask this, but is it okay if I use :qcb::lk::mk::hp::bdp: kind of emoticons for a tutorial video I’m making? SRK will of course get credit :smile:



It’s a good thing you asked. I know a dude that “borrowed” some from FARK, and FARK got heated and made a huge deal out of it.


arent they taken from the cvs2 training mode? :confused:

Word :tup: = my fav

polarity how dare you post in a topic without trolling

keep up the quality posts hyperhal

if you wanna put it that way be sure to credit everythin else

i think we all prefer qcf, hcb, etc etc

:rofl: it shocked me too!

you need massive +rep for this post



man only like 40% of my posts are trolling

I practice on CvS 2 train mode for an hour. I cheated Ex groove I hit 26 combo :hitit:

:clap::nunchuck::woot::annoy::sweat::badboy: :smokin: :lame:

yep, I was expecting something like “get the fuck out of here you fucking tard” or something like that

was there ever a time when my posts weren’t quality?

Why didn’t you just P.M. this to Wizard??? Would of saved you awhole lot of time then making this thread and waiting for 3 days now.

Oh but wait if this thread didn’t happen hyperhal wouldn’t be striving for the best!!! Also polarity would of still been that trolling legend!!!

Too bad, now Hyperhal is.

I belive he was referring to the times when:

A.He said momoko sucked in his art thread and you had a hissy fit about it


B.When you and masher kept bugging the fuck out of teh angry woof in his thread to draw a porno/underwear pic of momoko and he didn’t reply one bit. I think that’s what he meant by non QUALITY post that you’ve done on SRK that woof’s read on you.

man i post non-trolling posts all the time i dunno whats with you guys