Using ST + 1P to activate Guide/home.. Possible? Tips?


I’ve been thinking about ditching the Guide/home and back/select buttons in favor of simultaneous button presses to achieve the same result, basically pressing Start + 1P for back, and start +1K for guide (or vice versa). Is this easily possible without using and programing an IC? I was thinking about how this would be possible using diodes, but the opposite (where a single button would activate two inputs) is the instance I was thinking of.


i´m pretty sure that you can use integrated circuits… there was an ooooold thread which used some kind of 4066N or something to do sel+sta=home, which would be the same thing you want :slight_smile:

EDIT: found one, but not the official thread of this thing for non-axisdapter

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You can do that sort of thing, it’s about as complex as a SOCD cleaner. Possible with discrete components, 7400 chips… maybe even trained hamsters.


this link is pretty good as well. Wiring "Back' + 'Start' = Guide Button?