Using standing mp

I’m a new 3S player and I chose to use Oro, my main jump in is an attempt to get the to jump kicks juggle.

The only problem is I can rarely seem to even get the out, I know you have to be close, so my main question is…

What are some good jump ins to I can land this combo easier?

One of the most effective is a super deep Chicken Stomp. When I mean super deep, I mean Oro should be stomping on their shins. It works as not only a “jump in throw-fake” mixup, you also have time to respond to any sort of anti-air attempt by the opponent before you attempt a Stomp. You’ll be able to tell pretty easily if it worked or not by seeing if the opponent gets hit into the air. If it didn’t work, just dash back or jump away.

Otherwise, you don’t want to solely depend on just getting that cl.MP in. There are other combos he can do that are pretty sick and damaging, like comboing into command throw(the Chilly Willy).

Obviously you have to make sure that you are close enough with your jump in that you will be getting Oro’s close st. mp instead of his far st. mp. The other thing is to make sure that you are hitting deep enough with your jump in attack to be able to combo.

You can start a jump in combo with just about anything- hk being the go-to standard, mk if you want to cross up, mp for variety and fierce punch rarely when you’re feeling frisky and on taller characters.

If you aren’t punishing, you’ll want to confirm by doing (for example) a hk jump in cancelled into st. mp (two hits), then your follow up of choice if that hits. Alternatively you can do a jump in hk to stand mp and superjump cancel the first hit of the mp for a semi-safe approach. If it’s blocked you’re in the air to escape or continue mixups, if it hits you can get a jump hk in.

Never just straight up go into the chicken combo without confirming. It’s wildy unsafe and even average players will be able to punish hard.

Dont helieve anything they say. You’re perfect.