Using stick with left hand


Hello, i was keyboard player for life, i played everything on it and i used my right hand for movents and my left hand for pushing buttons like for ever. Now i got a full sanwa fightstick with TE button layout and i ran into this problem… I’m hardcore right hand user and right now it seems that i cant use the stick with my left one, ir feels very unatural. I always have to think about my left hand’s motions on stick before doing combos and it seems that i cant move freely and natural with it. Yes, I can switch buttons/stick sides(I made this stick) but im afraid that I’ll never be able to use standart layout fightsticks.
Any tips? Or I just should switch layout sides?
Oh, and i remember even when i was a kid, when i was skateboarding, i was using my right leg for steering and my left leg for doing the job (kicking for speed), that wasnt regular stance, it was called goofy…
So, maybe its just me that everything that i control movements with is in my right side body?
Maybe someone had this problem and overcame it? Any thoughts?


Try playing cross-handed.


Seth Killian is one of the most(if only o.o) well known cross-handed players.
Picture provided.

PS. It’s a lot harder to find pics of Seth’s hand than Daigos


No thx… its physicly very uncomfortable to play like this


My friend has this same issue, he just made a custom stick, it works well for him. You could try and adapt, im sure that would take you a long time to get used to though.


AudioCG, I’m affraid if i do that i will never be able to use regular sticks, but in other side is it a big deal?
Any thoughts anyone?


Then you answered your own question in your OP with the option of switching the buttons to the left side on your custom stick. The only options I see to play on an orthodox arcade layout is to keep practicing using the stick with your left hand or play cross-handed.

Edit: It’s no big deal to use a different layout just as long as you bring the stick with you so you don’t have to borrow someone else’s and be forced to play cross-handed.


You’ll be better off in the long run just learning to play the standard way.
Otherwise try to learn cross-handed. I play the default way and have tried cross-handed just for fun and didn’t find it too uncomfortable. I have pretty big hands too because I’m 6’4"


I ended up having to just deal with it and only play characters that dont require alot of hand gymnastics. Being extremely left hand dominate makes tactics like pianoing very annoying/discouraging. Especially when if i do the same motion with my left hand it comes out almost every time…


If you decide to just learn to play the default way I would also recommend getting some shmups or other arcade like games you can play with the fight stick. It’ll help you feel more comfortable when you’re using the stick. I started using my fightstick for everything I could on my ps3 (even just going through the menus) and now I’m a lot more comfortable using it. In fact I picked up a controller yesterday and it felt a little weird…


Right now i see this hand transition from right to left like learning to write with left hand instead of right, it feels very close to this situation for me :frowning:


I had a similar problem to you when I first got a stick… I’m sure the person who designed the very first arcade cabinet layout was left handed (look at anything else, e.g. keyboard and mouse or guitar - left hand is always doing technical finger movements, right hand is always doing broader, whole hand movements). However I decided playing cross-handed was just too damn awkward, your top arm always gets in the way of the lower one and the button layout felt like it needed rotating a bit to accommodate for my left hands angle - so I just took the time to learn to move a stick with my left hand and buttons with my right. You’ll build up the muscle memory eventually.


When I first got a stick it felt like standing on a skateboard for the first time I was so uncomfortable with it. Which, is very much like trying to write wirh your off-hand. Just play with it, the comfort comes over time. Take my advice to try some other simpler games (in shmups all you do is move and shoot) with the stick as well to help get used to it. It worked for me.


Kelter Skelter, maybe ur right, if i will play some heavy stearing games like racing on regular fightstick layut, maybe i could get my mind on my left hand…


btw, the problem is just in my left hand, right hand on buttons feels perfect


Just adapt. I had the same problems for a while. I couldn’t even dash. Adapting to the stick is a problem that every new stick user will have to face (imo). It took me about a month to get used to it, but now everything feels easier as opposed to maybe if I were playing on pad/keyboard.


elForte, maybe, it feels very thrustrating on my mind to overcome it when i cant do anything with my left hand on stick and when i just hold it with my right and feel everything with it :frowning:


just play cross, if it really hurts that bad make your own stick, you said you can and its not that big of a deal to play a different way as long as you bring your own stick.


Forte’s got it…takes about a month to get back to about 75% of your previous skill. Did for me aswell Luckily I switched to stick VERY early on before I was even halfway decent with pad. I was lucky in that regard.


respect for the super taunt? I love it.