Using the "Evo Monitor" (Asus VH236H)


Using the Evo monitor, with what systems under what connections, is “lag free” play possible?

i.e., ps3 via hdmi, xbox via Vga etc.

yes, i do know there is a tech talk forum, and yes I do know there is a definitive hdtv thread. I want this to be a basic thread about applied knowledge from that thread on this specific monitor (due to popularity).

i plan to update this post with relevant, easy access knowledge dealing with the most popular monitor in this community.

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It’s possible via both the hdmi and the vga.

The only real trick to using these monitors is getting sound via hdmi, you usually have to go into the ps3 sound settings and go through the wizard using auto detect so the ps3 outputs in 2ch audio.


how do you get the sound trought the monitor? monitors dont have speakers.
if its connected in HDMI itself, will you end without sound? or how does it work?


The monitors have a headphone jack and an S/PDIF audio output to connect your speakers to.

Edit: Also, these monitors actually do have speakers built in.


oh i see, i didnt know some monitors had headphone jack, never thought about it.
The monitor is also Lagless on PC i suppose.
Does newegg still sells the same evo monitor, used on evo2k9?


A few extra notes:

The monitor has two jacks stacked in the same area (Headphones and audio out) which can easily be missed if you’re reaching around to plug in your setup.

Adjusting volume on the fly can be a pain on this monitor, so I suggest purchasing a separate set of speakers. Any PC speakers or audio setup will do.

As far as audio setup goes via HDMI, having your PS3 auto-detect works and plugging in a 360 should do it automatically.


Yeah newegg the last time I checked was still selling the monitor at good prices. They had a bit of a shortage of them because of Evo but I think that’s done with now. Monitor has ok speakers that basically output zero bass though I would definitely recommend a speaker system if you want something that sounds real good.


I want to clarify for the new people that this setup is not "lagless."
It still has up to ~7-8 ms of input delay(as tested in the evo thread and over on AVS forums) which can be about 1/2 frame.
There is no true LCD that is lagless.
but this Asus and the Samsung LNAXX650 series are pretty damn close.


I would have to agree. I bought the evo monitor in july and didn’t find this out until I played ps3 marvel on a crt, then right after played it on the evo monitor.

EVERY lcd has some lag.


I would have to agree. I bought the evo monitor in july and it is 99.9% perfect. Not 100% lag free. I didn’t find this out until I played ps3 marvel on a crt, then right after played it on the evo monitor and could feel the difference.

EVERY lcd has some lag.


If I buy this monitor for my PS3, do I need to install drivers for it?
Is installing device drivers such as Monitor Drivers even possible on a PS3?
I’m assuming not – I guess its just plug and play, then tweak it via the monitor/ps3 settings and you’re good to go.

But say I buy the new 120hz ViewSonic V3D241wm? I’m pretty sure it will have driver support needed for optimized performance… maybe its just too much to hope; everything the Asus VH236H can do but at true 120hz :expressionless:


You don’t need to install drivers for it. Plug it in via HDMI to your PS3.

If your PS3 didn’t run through HDMI before, you might not get video at first when you turn on your PS3. In this case, turn the system off, then turn it back on and hold down the power button for roughly 6 full seconds (until you hear multiple beeps) - this should force the PS3 to detect the video input and guide you through the configuration.

Hope this helps a little.

BTW, the monitors work pretty great - I’ve got 8 of them in my shop - and while the lag is noticeable in a side-by-side technical comparison, for the majority of players it’s not that noticeable.


This is really all that needs to be said on the subject.

This thread is a bit out of place at the noobie dojo, I think. Tech stuff really ought to be in the tech section. Indeed, there are already numerous threads detailing this particular monitor.


I’m gonna be a dick and ask my own Asus V236H question in this thread – please don’t hate me Starcade.

So, I have an old xbox 360, one that doesn’t have an HDMI port. To get HD picture on my Aquos, I run components out of the 360 and flip the toggle switch to ‘HDTV.’

I want to move the 360 from my Aquos to a V236H. I want to play in HD, and I want to play with as little lag as possible. What kind of cable/adapter do I need to connect my 360 (component output) to an Asus V236H (hdmi/dvi/vga inputs)? Will this cable/adapter introduce more lag than you’d experience if you went HDMI (360) to HDMI (evo monitor)?



Try using a VGA cable. You can get the official Microsoft one for $30-$40 new, or if you’re lucky, you might even find it used at a Gamestop for $10.


How does this Asus fare with older consoles ? (PS2, Saturn, etc…)

I know the DC should be fine due to it being VGA compatible


My setup is XBOX VGA out, with the sound plugged into the monitor. My PS3 is plugged in through the HDMI. My computer is plugged into the DVI.

I used to have an SPDIF cable running from the SPDIF out on the monitor to the SPDIF in on my computer soundcard, then have the audio played through my computer speakers. Now I just run it through the monitors builtin speakers. The only annoying thing is even if you switch video inputs, the audio from the xbox will always play.


Love this monitor but, to me, it’s kinda spoiled me. Whenever I play on an HDTV with any more lag than the Evo Monitor, I feel it, and it kinda throws me off sometimes. Oh wellz, guess I better start playing at tourneys now I guess lol.

Anyway, what’s a good set of speakers for it that’s decently priced (around $50)? The speakers for the monitor are OK but I want something that’s better and an easy-to-access volume knob. What do you guys recommend?


Could always get a knock off from eBay or Google/Froogle for $5.


Just a add for people with ASUS VH238 or VH236 is to turn tracefree all the way up too 100. This reduces lag.

Info on Tracefree:
Tested using:

Also ideally one should set his mode to sRGB to eliminate post-processing.