Using the joystick

Well, I just wanted to put this topic in here to see if anyone is in the same boat. if it doesn’t belong here, i’m sorry. This is the only fighter I play so I thought i’d post it in here.

So, i’ve been playing stick for almost 9 months now, and I love it. Can never go back to using that shitty pad. Anyway, i’m perfect on the right side. I got short short super down, fierce, strong dp xx shippu is good and strong, fierce shppu as well. Doing good with dudley too, I can get most of his juggles down.

But… the weakest part of my game is playing on the left side… basically… i suck ass. oh i can s.rh into ex-mgb, but i’ll be damned if i can walk up mp+uppercut… I have to settle with ducking upper… short short super? impossible for me on the left side. strong fierce shippu as well…

Just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem? I’ve been practicing on the left side for about a month now, but damn i just feel gimped. IDK if i’m holding the joystick right or someshit. (I use happ comp) I used to hold the stick like it was a ball top, but now i just grab onto it like a flight simulator stick and use my thumb to manuever. The problem is i use my thumb a lot on the right side… but on the left it feels like i have to use my palm more, which is shit because i’m really innaccurate with it -_-

What about you guys?

I have the same problem, but I’m trying to get rid of it. Just keep on going into training mode and practice doing supers on the left side.

Wow, I have the exact same problem too. I use a Sanwa stick, even though my local arcade has P360s which are stiff as hell compared to the Sanwa, so I get raped more at the arcade.

Just about everyone has a favored side. I can do everything perfectly when I’m on the right side, but I’m ass when I’m on the left.

when you practice play one day on the left one day on the right and so on
thats how i got rid of it . just keep at it. it will show your hard work WILL pay off

good luck with that.

yeah hi’s right!!! practice both side!!

How do you hold the stick though?
I’ve been using a gamepad since ages, and i’m now discovering limitations to using that.
Tried using a stick at the arcade, but i get owned; the controls are not familiar:
There is this huge stick coming out and the buttons are so far apart (so i can’t use my thumbs to switch buttons fast like on a game).

I was wondering… the bat kind of stick, would you hold it like a pen?
and… the ball top, it just seems if you hold it from the top, you’ll get tired in like 10 mins.

I’ma noobie, don’t kill me please =)

Holding a stick:

Whatever way works for you is the short answer.

This is how I hold my stick Loose at neutral, using the middle of my fingers and thumb to move it with slight grip. Never a fist. Stick rarely ever touches my palm.

This is how some people hold the “ball-top” sticks These require less actual movement though, and this might be difficult to employ on a large-gate bat-style stick.

wow nice pictures =)
thanks for the info!

Don’t sweat it… i was bored lol.

switch hand whe ur on the other side…i knew a guy that did that and owned ass all the time.

Playing like that is messed up, lol. I had no idea people actually did that.
This thread is strangely homoerotic.
Lots of talk about holding sticks and balls.

daigo holds the stick that way (at least inthe vids I’ve seen).
I hold it that way too, but my hand doesn’t stay parallel to the ground like that drawing; while I hold the stick between middle and ring finger, the hand position is somewhere in between those 2 examples.

I also found that my hand position changes a little depending on which character I’m playing

That’s how Daigo holds his stick when he plays.