Using the same character in multiple games?


What do you think about this? Do you think it would be harder to do than starting fresh in every game so the confusion is kept minimal? Or will you have an easier time using them? Since every couple revisions of a game (or even fullblown new games all together) can add some major changes, would it be hard to play the same character in many games at the same time?
Example: Say I enjoyed using dictator. Would it make sense to use him in SF2:CE, SFA3, SF4, HDR, CVS2, etc.? Due him having different properties in his moves, different combos and different speeds, but at the same time but at the same time still being the same character, couldn’t that mess with your mind? Or is it something that does not happen after a while? I noticed that Valle uses dictator in both SF4 and HDR and Arturo uses Sim in both HDR and SF4 and they seem to handle it fine, so I’m wondering if this is even a concern at high levels of play.


i use the same type of characters in my games. So it is very likely i would pick the same character in a later installment. I usually use the wild crazy characters as my main and a powerful one as my secondary.
Ex. Blanka in SF2 and SF4; Astaroth (Zasalamel after he was introduced) in SC1, 2, 3, and 4; Scorpion + Baraka in MK2 and on.


I use the same characters in every game, granted, if they are in it.

It kinda sucks since every character is somewhat tweaked to some extent in some games.


I use Ken in every SF I play, mainly due to the fact that he’s not too great in all of the SF games (save for 3rd Strike), it’s just fun to try to bring him to the top. =D


:u: tops in Alpha and Alpha 2 :coffee:


Even though there are minor changes, they usually have the same overall playstyle and pros/cons through the games, meaning that if they fit your playstyle in one game, they will likely fit your playstyle in another.

Then of course there are things like KOFXII Iori, where he’s completely different to previous versions. Not sure on what degree he calls on completely different strats/playstyle though.


:l: perving on Morrigan ever since Darkstalkers all the way to TvC.


Only character I can recall using in every game is Terry, most iterations I play someone different. Like Deejay in II, and then IV I mess around with various people.


If you want to pick a top tier character and stay on top, play shoto’s, since there is always one that is top or close to top

also ken was good in CVS2.


I use King in every KOF game because she’s awesome and has a unique playstyle to boot, female Muay Thai ftw :tup: (I couldn’t use her in OG 2002 and XII tho’ cuz she was excluded :bluu:)


i been playing ryu and kazuya since there respective debuts in there games . sf II and tekken 2. (didn’t play tekken 1) . I just love those guys.


I’ve always played Taki in Soul Calibur. Tried playing SC2 Taki the other day for the first time in years. Didn’t know what the fuck.


I always think its cool when a top player always sticks to the same character unless they play shotos (since there are a ton of top players who always play shotos) like Nuki always playing Chun.


meh… I don’t know… I pick my main according to the design anyway.
(sexy female char wearing a skirt).

I just adapt to the playstyle.
I don’t mind learning a new char. I find it sort of fun to parcatice new combos and to start from ground 0 again.

However, I admit I would play Jam in every game if she was playable in anything else than GG.


It doesnt matter in any fighter I play, rather the characters were changed drastically or not, I would always pick a female character in fighters.

That said, I’ve been maining Sakura in SF games since Alpha and EX.


I have to switch around or else I find myself doing combos and setups that work in one game but not in others. I suck at keeping the separate so instead I switch characters to avoid that.


<---------will almost always use rolento and vega


<------ will use gief or any grappler in any fighting game.


I use the same basic team in every KOF I play (some combination of Kim, Terry, Iori, Ryo and Kyo), but I use a different character in each SF game. I use Fei Long in SF2, Ken in SF3, Sagat in SF Alpha and Honda in SF4.

The first character I always choose, though, is Ken.


Will only use zangief regardless of the game or any grappler for a non sf game. the 360 motion is too satisfying not to stay on grapplers.