Using the SE fightstick with no gate?

is this possible or would it damge the stick somehow? that square gate pisses me right off!

It will be terrible. Long throws and it will mess up your stick eventually.

can i use a sanwa resrtictor with the standard edition fightstick?

go and get yourself a octacon gate then.

just stick with the square gate… in the end u will be happy u did

what so good about the square gate?

square gate is legit. jus get used to it n call it a day

It gives you the best chance of hitting all 8 directions.

theres a good chance you will mess up your stick. i have a hori and i swithced to a bat top with an octagon gate. the bat tops DO NOT stay screwed in and the octagon plate has too many deadzones for me. i swithced them all back to stock so if anyone needs an octagon plate( i have 3) for jlf sticks and red bat tops (also have 3 w/ adapter) for cheap, PM me.

its really getting me down, ive gone from an xbox 360 controller to a fightstick and my game has gone downhill, that good dam square gate makes it so hard to do shoryukens its really pissing me off!

If you just switched it will take time. Just put some time into practicing and it will become a lot more comfortable. I’m no stick master and when I bought my stick near the release of SFIV I had troubles at first as well but after continuing to use the stick I feel quite comfortable with it and the stock square gate.

If you take off the gate, wouldn’t the actuator begin hitting the switch housings?

If thats the case, that would destroy your joystick real quick.

Jsuh103 ill take them. May you please email me at Ill send you a paypal pmnt.