Using the shin shoryuken



i need to learn some combos to hit the this move
most of the combos from cvs do not work in cvs2


Jump in with a crossup forward, c. forward, shin shoryuken

Crouch and wait for them to jump. Crouching will make them attack late in their jump thus giving you time to do the shinshoryuken.


This move is almost too easy to pull off.

I usually either do cross over MK, into it or jump HK,, shinshoryuken. You don’t have to really add the but it’s safer this way so incase they block the jump in you don’t accidenlt pull off the super right away.


It’s great off a parry. qcf (parry), qcf+K!


i like using the shin shoryuken as a counter specially when i’m on the guard and they just finished attempting their combo


jus chekin my wack avatar


no way man…you can parry as part of a motion. parry into shin sho’s popular in my arcade…with the one guy who uses ryu in P.


low forward xx shinshoryuken :o

gotta be close though


ryu can fierce sweep and link it into shin shoryuken, you have to be fast!


Uh, yea, and he does more damage off a sweep into a lvl1 hurricane kick super, so what is your point?


That’s ol’ skool cvs1 cheesy bs. Anyways the best way to land a shin sho is as an AA or off of an amibiuous crossup.