Using the super flash to make AAAs unblockable

I was wondering if anyone had any good strategies for making use of this trick.

For those who don’t know:
Supers that don’t cause the opponent to block before or during the flash can be used to make some assists unblockable, even if the other player is holding back the whole time. Just call the assist, then time your super so the flash occurs just before the assist would make the oppponent block (usually right before the assist lands from jumping in off the side of the screen), and if you timed it right you’ve got an unblockable AAA :slight_smile:

Any character with a throw super (Zangief, Sim, Akuma) or a transform/powerup super (Wolverine, Sakura, maybe Silver Samurai, Colossus, and Spiral) should be able to make use of this when paired up with a quick-hitting assist (anything as fast or faster than Cyclops AAA).

So far the only thing I use it for is to get Psylocke AAA to hit when I’m using Dahlsim on point.

Does anybody actually manage to use this effectively in matches? It seems like a usefull little trick, and I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s strats involving it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Clarified a bit

the only assist i can see this being useful is maybe Psylocke. Using a whole meter for an unblockable AAA doesn’t seem liek much of a tradeoff.

I dont really get this…
but there are better ways to get sum1 from the side of the screen and its called guard crush. breaking their guard b4 they land gives u an instant combo instead of an AAA 0_0

yay newbie talk!

mmmm, but it only works with AAA? actually, I didnt got the idea really well…

“Proton Cannon”

^-- That’s the most famous usage of this glitch.

Yeah, DHCing to PC is probably the most usefull thing to do with it since it doesn’t require an assist and works from full screen. Still, I thought it was interesting that you could use this glitch to get an unblockable assist, and potentially usefull if you don’t have an instant DHC in the second slot :slight_smile: (or if you just don’t want to DHC for whatever reason)

Nah, like Preppy mentioned it also works when DHCing to Proton Canon and other instant-after-the-flash supers.

Sorry for the confusion, the way I worded my post originally looked like I was talking about using this unblockable on a character coming in from the side of the screen-- actually this trick can be used any time.

Still, guard breaks are usually better (they don’t require meter or assists), however, guard breaks can only be used on an opponent in normal jump mode. This trick will work on an opponent regardless of whether they’re jumping, super jumping, or on the ground.

Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: This topic isn’t discussed very much and I really think it has some potential.

I’d be interested to see what spiral (and cyke AAA) could do with this - particularly her power up.

hmm is there a vid or something of this?

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Not that I’m aware of… but it’s not too hard to test it out in training mode. Just set the dummy to manual and have P2 hold back, then (for example) call out Psylocke AAA, wait till she’s about to land on the ground (before her AA hits) and activate Dhalsim’s qcf+KK super. There ya go, unblockable AAA :slight_smile:

Supers that work with this glitch:

Dhalsim-- qcf+KK
Sonson-- qcb+PP
BB Hood-- qcb+KK
Dan-- qcfqcf+taunt
Collosus-- qcb+PP
Sakura-- rdp+LK
Zangief-- 360+PP
Akuma/Dan/Dark Sakura-- Raging Demon

Unfortunately I’ve found that Spiral’s powerup supers have too much startup time to be used with this glitch, and Wolverine and Silver Samurai’s speedup and transform supers DO have blocking frames on startup, which makes them useless as far as this glitch is concerned. Strangely enough Sabretooth’s qcf+PP doesn’t have any blocking frames on startup, but it’s too slow to be used for this.

Assists that work well with this glitch:

Psylocke AAA
Cable AAA
Cammy AAA
Cyclops AAA
Shotos AAA
Guile/Charlie AAA
Sonson AAA
Doom AAA (point blank)
Tron Projectile (point blank)

Characters with slower assists like Capcom, BH, Sent, IM, Storm, and Mags can’t be used as the assist for this trick to work.

Possible use:

As a reset-- you can end an air combo with a flying screen hit that knocks them on their back, land next to them, then drop an unblockable AAA on wakeup. I’m not sure if they can escape by counter-calling with their own AAA, but it might be possible. They could also escape with a well-timed frame kill. If you time it right they shouldn’t be able to escape any other way. This is particularly usefull if you’ve got Sent in the second slot so you can DHC to HSF for a kill :slight_smile:

The reason I don’t think this trick has had much attention in the past is that it’s pretty much limited to mid/low tier characters… but for those interested in playing mid tier it can be quite usefull.

For whoever’s still interested in this glitch:

I finally got a chance to try this trick out in some casual matches, and it actually works pretty good for certain characters. Trying to force an opening didn’t work well for me, but after a while I realized they occurred naturally in the course of the game-- you’ve just gotta react when you see they’re about to block your assist during whatever rushdown/pressure tactics you use (and pay attention to whether or not they’re already in blockstun, of course). I had the best luck landing it when the other player was coming down from a superjump, or when I used this glitch in place of a guard break (it’s actually alot easier than most guard breaks-- if you can spare the meter).

It seems like Sonson, BB Hood, and Dhalsim benefit from it more than anyone else on point, and it doesn’t seem very worthwhile for Collosus, Zangief, Akuma or Sakura. Dunno about Dan :\

As far as assists go I had good luck with Psylocke AAA, Cammy AAA, and (suprisingly enough) Morrigan AAA-- I was very suprised at how easy it was to get the timing right with these three. I Didn’t ever get it working with Tron or Doom, although they worked in training mode. Cable and Cyclops worked somewhat, but the timing was too tight for me.

I didn’t try anyone in the second slot except Sent-- but I can’t imagine anyone else working any better.

I didn’t get a chance to use the trick every match, and most of the time I screwed up and either whiffed the assist or messed up the timing so it wasn’t glitched-- but on the occasions it did work it was usually good for a kill (via the DHC to HSF).

In the hands of someone with better timing and faster reactions than me, though, I think having an unblockable AAA could make Dhalsim deadly :cool:

And that’s it for my experience with the unblockable AAA glitch. Things are looking good for this little trick so far, it’s definitely something that people who use BBHood, Sonson, or Dhalsim should look into, IMHO :slight_smile:

can somebody explain how you could make Proton Cannon unblockable using this glitch? I play Iron man sometimes, and the PC glitch is the thing I’m most interested in.

The Proton Cannon is zero-frame, if I recall correctly, so the trick I know is Dhalsim KK super DHC Proton Cannon. That’s Murakumo’s trick, but as I understand it the Yoga Slam super won’t force a block frame, and then you instantly switch to Proton Cannon onscreen in the same game frame (duplicated via the Super Flash Screen) and your opponent gets the same unblock frame, which means they’re hit. They may get the benefit of the doubt if they’re holding back(?) - Murakumo or others who actually play either of those characters could likely explain this better than me. :smile:

IIRC, the PC glitch only works with dhalsim on point, since I think he’s the only character with a super that has 0-frame startup AND doesn’t cause cuase a character holding back to block. You have to DHC from yoga strike to PC (or other instant-after-the-flash supers) IMMEDIATELY after the super flash for it to work, and there has to be nothing else on the screen for them to block.

Other characters with instant start supers (like Ruby or Doom) can kind of do the PC glitch, but unlike dhalsim the other character can block if they were holding back before the first super flash.

I c interesting!! i didnt know about that but thanks. :tup: