Using the TE Round 2 Fight Stick for GGPO

Im so confused about this.

I have ggpo and the game. Now how do I use the stick?
Do I just plug it in or do I have to do other things to make it work?

… Wrong forum to ask this. Look to the GGPO forums next time (or places like Gaijinblaze mentions below).

You probably have to set the button inputs in the emulator configuration.

yeah i don’t think your stick or pc care which particular game you’re going to play, or even what netplay client you’ll be using

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make sure to search first since this is guaranteed to have been asked often. (might not be the same problems)

I’m not sure if the TE sticks have been fixed in the “round 2” edition, but I know that the ps3 version of those sticks will not work with an AMD CPU, you have to buy some sort of required usb adapter not sure if it’s PCI only but that would probably be the easiest, forgot the more specifics you’re going to need, but I’m sure you can google it to find it.

It has nothing to do with the CPU, it’s the USB chipset used on the motherboard. And no, the round 2’s use the same PCB.

The motherboard is based on the CPU. So i guess it’s still relevant?

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Nope. Its the USB chipset used on the motherboard. It can be an AMD or Intel based motherboard and still work or not work. No relevance at all.