Using Time over as a strategy?

This could be dumb, but who here applies the runaway-time over strategy when facing a Phoenix player who is about to go into DP?

I don’t know if this is allowed in Majors/Tourneys but when i’m a facing a Phoenix player, and i’m down to one guy or vulnerable to loosing due to a regular phoenix being left alone and having 5 meters, i just run off. I dent the regular phoenix to a low % and just skip all over the place to win via time over. I assume your opponent will get pissed off and probably punch you though… but hey, it’s using your head. Instead of getting yourself over killed by allowing Phoenix to transform into DP, just don’t.

(prepares flame shield)

Can’t say I play MvC3 at all, but I don’t see any problem in doing this. Who gives a shit what your opponent thinks?

If I can slow play it enough to where I get to Phoenix with a relatively healthy team and 30-35 seconds on the clock, then I’ll go for the timeout strat. If it’s a bad Phoenix player, then I can do it with 50 seconds. Otherwise, I just try to pop Phoenix and go for the best.

That’s perfectly fine. It can apply to any fighting game really. The only problem I see is you getting hit and getting blown up, losing the round/match, but if you succeed then good shit. Another day, another match. The fight is all.

Well that strat works really well for me. I just super jump and hold back, advancing guard, and super jump away when ever she tries something… and probably give her one hit to assure her life is low. Just don’t fight her. However the opponent really gets pissed. I’m assuming it’s a “fighting game honor” thing, just like a noble warrior “i don’t attack behind my opponents back” philosophy.

Anyway, i’m familiar with various strats such as Snap back, and timing certain supers… but i found using time overs as the best (and cheap) way to win. Just don’t let her go into DP.

Sure, it’s perfectly fair. They can fight it by hitting you. If they can’t do that, well, they’ve earned the loss and need to accept it and improve, or play another game. My friend has tried running away from my Phoenix before plenty (often with Thor - high health, flight, and scary to get hit by. It gets tough).

It’s a strategy for winning that doesn’t exploit any sort of bug in the game. You’re just using the tools available to you in a different way. You might call it dishonorable, but we all have different ideas of honor I suppose. In my eyes, if the opponent has a proper chance to win if they use their brain correctly, it’s fair.

It’s cheap and anyone using it is cheap. Learn to play the game scrub. Jesus, stupid 04ers.

Who cares if it’s cheap. If you win, you win.

I believe OMG is using the art of sarcasm.

Time over as a strategy can work, but I don’t think it’s something you can just suddenly adopt. I think you can only pull it off when certain conditions are met. Also, it’s one of those things where the best players will rarely if ever fall for it.

Personally, I’d only go for a time over if my opponent gets 4-5 meters, still has at least one character with plenty of life, and I feel fairly confident that I can evade any Phoenix teleport shenanigans when they pop Lv3 X-Factor after they realize what kind of victory I’m going for. Also helps if you memorize some combos that do little damage but keep the opponent suspended for a while.

If you can make it appear as if you are going all in while actually trying to lame them out, then that’s even better. There’s plenty of visually impressive combos that don’t do jack shit for damage. Also, try to complain about dropping combos and how your inputs are fucking up when in actuality, you are intentionally dropping the combo so that it doesn’t kill them and/or keeps them OTG for a while. A win is a win.

The way you work the time over strat is by taking out her team mates. Phoenix’s team mates are at a bit of a handicapped because they are strategically hesitant in using their supers to capitalize their damage. And usually, when you are against a well skilled player, the fight will eventually end of with you having your characters (or just character) at mid health or something or just having one character left. I assume the clock to normally be at the 50-30’s if your matches where played evenly.

I just feel that the best thing to do is just run off when Phoenix with 5 meters is now in the screen. The glass nuke doesn’t go off until you kill regular phoenix anyway. So just put her health lower than yours and just avoid her.

My team is composed of Sentinel and Haggar at back. So usually, my fights will eventually become haggar left or a mid-low health sentinel/haggar, that’s easy meat for a DP. When i’m in that situation against a regular lvl 5 Phoenix, i just chip her a bit and jump all over the place to avoid her. If she comes in, i go for advancing guards and super jump away.

I actually play my Phoenix at point to avoid such a thing.