Using two fightsticks at once on PC?


I downloaded the software for the arcade stick but I cant seem to get two of them to work at once. Can anybody help. Thanx in advance!!!


No. Congratz on putting absolutely NO information about the problem for anyone to work with.


This. I know for a fact that you can use two fightsticks on one PC, because we’ve done it to run Vampire Savior tournaments using FBA.

  1. What brand stick/model?
  2. What OS/Version?
  3. Using a hub?
  4. What does Device Manager say?


Xpadder- A program that allows you to assign buttons to keys…

It was a good quick fix for me, only assign one of the sticks buttons to keys… I’m assuming you want to play two player on an emulator… if I’m wrong your fault for not being specific…

It recognizes the two sticks as the same stick(I think) so when you configure your inputs in the emulator that doesn’t quite work out… because it recognizes P1’s inputs as P2’s and visa versa…

Best to use the link I gave you since I am completely sure it is safe(I think its okay to link freeware)… if you try to find a more updated version(which is good for more than 2 players) all I have to say is good luck… either you pay or you get trojans from some douchebags doing it just for kicks or want personal info on your computer…

This should solve your problem though, good luck…


I have done it, problem for me is that it always seems to put my stick as player 2 no matter what I do :confused:

Id make sure your not using a hub, plug them directly into 2 ports on the PC, or atleast one of them.

Make sure you tried both of them individually

Also what software did you download? If its a 360 stick you do not need any software just the drivers, and they usually self install for Vista/7 only XP requires you to d/l them and you can get them via windows update.


@missing person
No hub, windows xp (not sure on the specific version), two Madcatz SEs same model (Xbox 360).
Device manager seems to acknowledge both of them but in the controller panel it only displays one.

I will try that thanx and yes im using emulators.

They work individually and yes I have the drivers.

Thanx for your infinite wisdom and wasting the second post on my thread.

Ill post if again soon if i get them to work. Sry if i didnt post enough info.


Just came across this thread. I’m the guy that the OP wanted to play emulated games with, so I’ll throw in a little info:

We were trying to use two Madcatz SE sticks to play some games on a CPS-3 emulator, and also some other emulator that I’m not entirely familiar with. Like he mentioned earlier, he’s running some version or another of Windows XP.

The problem wasn’t the inputs “crossing over” per se, but that the second stick that had been plugged in was incapable of any inputs whatsoever. We tried using Joy2Key for the second stick, but that wouldn’t input at all either. To be fair, we gave up rather quickly after this and went back to playing console games.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Surely somebody reading this has used two SE sticks at once on a computer before.