Using ultra 2 for a chip damage finish



First of all, I’m still kind of new here so i apologize if this doesn’t warrant a new topic.

Anyway, I’m still getting used to using chun and one thing i notice that I always do is using ultra 2 for chip damage finish people off. I normally don’t throw out random ultras, but If I am in range and my opponent has little enough health left for it to kill i just resort to doing it (because I’m still not feeling fully comfortable with her yet). The thing is that it has never failed me unless it was an error on my part. Unless my opponent already jumped before hand, they either jump but get hit or sit and block till they die.

This seems like a low level tactic (and i am still a low level player) so I don’t want to make this a habbit unless it’s still usable in high levels of play. I was just wondering if any more experienced chun players here do this because I haven’t seen anyone else try it.


If you can land an untechable knockdown in the corner and they have low enough health to chip them out, I say do it. A win is a win is a win is a win. I don’t find myself in that scenario a lot but I never pass it up. It’s not a perfect answer but against characters with shitty wake up or no meter, it works.

Beware EX SRK from the Shotos or Bison/Seth/Dhalsim teleports. Anyone with a good wake up EX can beat it. It counts as a projectile so anything with projectile immunity will punish it and hard (Boxer’s EX headbutt to Ultra, etc). As with all strats, if it works, it works but use discretion.


ive used chip damage u2 several times intentionally.

nothing wrong with that


Bad idea. Anything with invincibility frames on startup will hit Chun and knock her out of Kikosho. Including Ultras. If you knock down a player and then do U2 over their wakeup, if they know better you’ve just given them a free combo/win.


Its easy to counter is the main thing which ends up losing you the Ultra and a chunk of health, its not totally impractical there are just safer ways to finish someone off.

The only time I really use Ultra for chip is if I know they can’t wake up with a move that will trade or another way to land it for chip is to put em in blockstun with a kikoken first. You can do this then Ultra chip em but the timing is kinda tight and you have to dash behind the kikoken which can often end in tears against good players…


As Azrael and Whippet have said, bad idea.

Any move with invincibility on startup will beat Chun’s Kikosho because she has no invincibility, ever, when using that Ultra. The only thing you are protected from is projectiles, and even then that’s only because Kikosho counts as a projectile.

The only time I would EVER suggest using Kikosho for chip is when you are 100% sure that your opponent can’t mash out a move. Basically, that means that you’d have to do EX Kikoken FADC Ultra 2. I can’t imagine any other scenario where your opponent would be FORCED to block.


If you can just get them to block any kikoken, THEN you can go for guaranteed chip with U2 right after.

Doing it out in the open with no previous blockstun can get you killed by someone who knows better and has a move that can beat it. Plus the ultra freeze screen gives them plenty of time to prepare to counter if necessary. I wouldn’t recommend doing it too much.


I wouldn’t even say that it’s guaranteed – Ultra 2 takes so long to start up that usually after an opponent is done blocking a normal Kikoken they already have time to do something else. At least, that’s my experience.