Using vortex in G1 champ [xbox]

dont…dont vortex , dont do resets , dont link moves unless your 110% positive you can [which is impossible on live] because even here people just mash srk/twirl their analog/mash lp into headbutt/fuck shit ass cock raging demon
so what can i do i here you ask well you can bait srk,spam fireball, and ultra trap anything else is unworthy of these numbnuts…i think im done venting now bring on the neg rep for my waste of forum space

People online mashing during your strings?! Say it ain’t so :frowning:

Spam RH. Works best on Live.

Actually there are options for resets and votex that punish mashing.

simply stop playing that shit and quit whining.

Stop playing G1 or stop playing online?
For us living in small towns in Europe (Italy, in my case), online is the only option!

if you have no way to play offline just stick to player matches with good players. Your game will probably improve A LOT if you quit that crappy championshit mode.

Btw, I’m also from Italy and there is a good offline scene here. look at the forums, you can find lots of gamertags there.

I stuck with championship mode till I hit G1 because I heard that g1 was the promised land of street fighter online matches. When I hit g1 I was thoroughly disappointed. I no longer play championship mode. Sticking with player matches now, once you find great players hit them up more often for matches. thats the way to go IMO

Speaking of online in a general sense, what would online-safe (3 bars and up) links and combos?
From my limited experience, anything other than and s.lp after far.HK is just asking for trouble. > is a 1 frame link, defintely NOT safe to do against a masher online. Your experience seems very limited, hehe! c.lp is usually the best and easiest option (3 frames) after a If you’re out of range use (2 frame link, has more range).

Hit confirms are generally safe even online vs mashers since they’re really easy (something like c.lp c.lp c.lp xx lk tatsu > whatever). If you know you’re playing a scrub simply don’t use blockstrings with “holes” like c.lp > cs.hp and stick with chainable stuff like c.lp c.lp c.lp…maybe the first time try stopping your string and see if they like to mash…if they don’t, you can try something different next time like maybe c.lp c.lp xx demon flip or xx hado

I completely agree, it just sucks sometimes because you have to find good players with a good connection. . . it can be time consuming (I had to start over because recently switched to PC version).

I do like the c.LP > c.LP > c.MP hit confirm although the c.LP > c.LP > c.LP generally is the safest and least likely to mess up with because even if you blow the link you can’t Tatsu.

If I got a mashy foe I like to do what I call “Block confirming” that is stopping my confirm a few jabs short and blocking the incoming attack. Even if they FADC out of it you can usually counter it or teleport out of there.

I used to do the c.lp c.lp hit confirm all the time but it sucks to lose half life when the lk tatsu won’t connect because the pushed you too far away. Now I always do either c.lp x3 or c.lp > s.hp.
The only times I still use c.lp c.lp is when my opponent is crouching and i wanna do ex tatsu.

I agree, cr.lpx3 has been wonders for me ever since I got it down consistantly. jab jab strong a thing of the past, no more pushing out of range and random link dropping to a horrible punish.

A good alternative to vortex is his ex rage quit, am I right? I remember you being good at that.

Seriously though, read your opponent a bit! If they’re a masher you should be able to figure that out pretty quickly if you’ve got more than two brain cells.

Lol why attempt online… Masher crazy. Stick to player matches with decent connections atleast. Championship mode is still scrub infested!!