Using Yang on ps3 pad help

I use the ps3 pad mainly, mainly because I cnt bother to or cant afford the fightpad/stick. Knowing I have been using the pad to play sf since sfII, it would be very hard for me to switch to a stick. So i want to stick to the dpad… but thats the problem. The dpad handicaps HARD! Trying to do 2 H mantis slashes and FADC to my ultra? Ha! Id have luck doing the FAC. If there is anyone who uses the dpad out there, can you give me some advice on using my ps3 controller?

I macro my focus attack in L2. I use :hp: as R1 and :hk: as R2

I use L1 for focus, L2 for HK, R1 for HP and R2 for 3P

I use it default with a minor change: I use R2 for 3K… that’s it…

I use to have the same problem you have with the slashes fadc, the thing that I did to br able to play was, practice the timing for slashes to do it slowly and not mashing, once you get the timing of doing slashes in a smooth and soft way the fadc ultra comes easy after…

im getting a stick soon so i guess thatll help me out

meh, i dont think pad handicaps you at all…i use default config, thumb for fadc to hit the triangle and circle, really no big deal

Tap the focus input just as you connect the second hit for the mantis with your thumb. I also play pad in addition to stick and that works for me, even though i play on a pdp fight pad.