Using your Laptop's Screen to Play Consoles

At my job I have the ability to play some games on my laptop and with the release of SSF4 around the corner I was thinking of bringing a 360 here. After thinking about it I refuse to use the companies resources and isn’t a good idea as they have shitty laggy screens here. So I was left with using my laptops monitor as the only screen I could use to hook it up to. What I was wondering was if anyone knew a lag-less device that would let me do so. Ive looked up a ton of video capture devices but it seems like most of them have lag which is terrible for fighting games. So anyone out there find one that doesnt have lag? Any replies are appreciated, thanks a ton.

You cannot. Laptops are designed with a custom interface Direct to the video card, unless it is a special laptop. If you do find something that would be cool.

maybe u have to buy a videoslotcard

something like that

or maybe this???

Im trying to use my laptops screen not use an external one, thanks though at least I can probably try that one for my laptop that has a broken panel / VGA slot.

LOL pinoy that is cool but $300…

After looking around I did find one that is suppose to be for gaming HERE. Thats the one ive found, I have no idea if it lags or not so I was sort of wondering if anyone out there had one or new of another alternative that could possibly display in at least 720p or through VGA instead of composite / s-video.

I have a gamebridge, it works, but it lags. sorry man

I use ATI TV Wonder for the most part, you can record videos easily too

there isnt much hope for using a laptop screen unless you completely pull the lcd panel off and rewire it.

you’ll have to get some kind of card that will accept video IN… any usb to vga thing will most likely be video OUT.

So I did more research and came across THIS one. Alot of people claim that it has no lag and it does use the expresscard slot which does transfer data alot faster then any USB junk(well pre 3.0 I believe). Anyone out there have one of these?