Using your main vs others

When you play online/vs with other players,do you usually pick your main in the beginning, or take another one “until he’s needed”?

I personally wait with him, only game I don’t do it is ssf2t. Usually I’m doing this to check out the opponent’s skill,or just to have a variety instead of playing the same character over and over.

when i play online its for practice so i just use whatever char im training atm


Whatever character I’m training.


If I’m playing MvC1 I usually just toy around.If their good enough, I’ll take out one of my mains.

I always pick my main unless I’m playing casuals against someone I know or until I start getting bored.

play ryu(main) and dan most of the time, gave up playing abel(second) online, too laggy.

I only use C.Viper…ever. Well I may start to pick up Blanka and Honda just to learn how to fight them more effectively. Honda specifically because he just naturally counters everything Viper does.

Hmm, this seems important. I’m just going to post this for now though.

I pretty much just use one character in any game.

dudley alex yun always in that order

i always play my best since people deserve it. if they’re going to end up playing my 2nd tier characters it’s not worth their time because i ususaly just focus on 1 or 2 characters in games these days (though obviously a couple more in KOF and a few more in tekken as well). If people wanna play against other characters they could easily go play someone else with the online and all these days.

I always pick my mains, though they’re not the characters I “choose to win”. I pick characters to play based on how cool they are, tiers be damned. It’s just not fun playing with characters you don’t find cool, imo. The character I play for shits and giggles is usually the one I like second or third best.

In casuals offline, if I know the player is good I’ll pick my main to get as much experience as possible out of it. Even if the match up sucks, it’s definitely good to seize the opportunity to learn a bad match up for free (non-tournament match).

Some people get extremely heated when I don’t play my main or something. I’ve had 2 drops from good players because I didn’t wanna play my main at the time, online. I think some people don’t understand that online isn’t the place for everything. Personally, I hate playing Chun without a st.forward anti air online, or other specific stuff when I play other characters. So I tend to practice Ken/Balrog/Bison/Ryu/Viper and so on depending on the connection.

As far as on average though, I feel that the 8 that I use the most doesn’t really have a skill gap in between my main. I don’t mind if people leave if I don’t play my main, I just want to level up in whatever area I can…even if it means playing another character for the time being.

Oh and this is all about SFIV of course.

If I don’t know the guy, I’ll never pick my main against them and just use one of my other chars to see how good they are. I only ever switch to my main if I’m clearly getting outplayed; winning/losing is irrelevant. If I know the guy is a real good player beforehand though, I’ll always use my main against them, provided they use theirs aswell.

I treat everything like dragonball Z

I never use my full power so as to always have room for growth in future episodes.

If I don’t know who I am playing I will just chose my second, and if my opponent wins constantly against my second then I will move onto my main. Other times I will chose whoever I want to practice as well.

I only bust out Fox if I really need to axe a ninja. Otherwise…

M.Bison is my main in SF4, and I’ve not used him in about 2 weeks. I switch between characters all the time, right now I’m using Abel alot, before it was Seth. I still consider Bison my main even if I rarely use him nowadays.

If I’m playing SF2, I’ll mostly use Guile 'cause that’s who I used back in the day on the SNES (My real name is Kyle, it rhymes with Guile… I was a kid lol)
But I try to use most characters on fighting games, it’s more fun that way.