USPS screwed me over


2/18/11 2:10 PM Delivered
2/18/11 9:02 AM Arrival at Post Office
2/14/11 5:13 PM Departed Shipping Partner Facility
2/14/11 11:43 AM Arrived Shipping Partner Facility

Never got the package.
I guess no MvC3 for me. $76.64 down the toilet.

Share your horror USPS stories here.


One time I had to wait in line more than I wanted to

Now that marvel3 is out can people stop posting about their own boring personal quests to buy it?


He probably took it home and is playing it now :rofl:


Stamps are expensive.

It’s cheaper to collect quarters.


Mine is still in Indiana, so Capcom+USPS screwed me, so I bought another copy at Bestbuy last night until it comes.


Doesn’t it have delivery confirmation? Somebody had to sign for it.


Sonnavabitch, I just checked my tracking information and it is being delivered today. Why the fuck didn’t the USPS update the tracking between the 15th and now, it still said Indiana last night. I wasted $60 just to get a fix last night.


UPS screwed me over with my amazon purchased, called Amazon up and got another one sent to my house the next day; my neighbor came by the following day and said, “Hey, the mail person delivered your mail to my house” and behold…another MvC3.


amazon has great customer service. i had usps and ups screwed me over before. both times it was either tossing stuff over my fence and they broke or delivering it to my neighbor.


If its back at the shipping facility you have to go pick it up.


If you have the tracking number (I would think so cause you tracked it), just call USPS and tell them what happened


I still haven’t received my MvC3 either.


I would never buy some shit online for the same price as it costs in stores (unless they could guarantee I’d get it before the street date), especially knowing that postal service is hit or miss these days with the economy making for disgruntled, lazy mail carriers doing shitty jobs cuz they’re mad about getting no raises. Just go to a store and buy that shit instead of post-release day, STILL waiting for yours while everybody else can just waltz into any store and buy a copy with no hassle. I think the only time you should take a chance on delivery is if you find a deal on a site like, where you can get a game or peripheral that would cost you 40-60 bucks instore for only 10-20 bucks (like Black Friday’s 10-$20 re5, Tekken 6, Infamous, and dual shock 3 pads). Then, yeah, Tonto, Apache, jump on it. Otherwise, just go to the store and get what you want, no delivery charge and no chance of delay or lost package. Despite the demand, there’s always more than enough copies. Seriously…I think I saw mvc3 behind the counter at 7-11 today. And people are ordering it online like it’s some Ignition/SNK online only limited release ps2 fighter or something, just for the added bonus of a t-shirt that only comes in sizes for the obese. shakes head.


Firstly. Shut the fuck up.
Secondly. Capcom made a promise that it would get to us by either the day of (the 15th) release or the day after. It’s saturday and people still don’t have their game. That’s worth bitching about and it happened to a TON of people.

Who knows? USPS is not the best for tracking. You get to know when it leaves and know when it arrives. Anything in between is a crap shoot.

Be on the look out today. Mine says it’s out for delivery but it’s 2:30pm…


I pre-ordered from Capcom store because it was the Special Edition plus came with the T-shirt, along with them promising there was a 99.9% chance you would receive it release day. Plus had 10% off with free shipping.

Regular edition for same as store price, hell no I wouldn’t pre-order that.


DIBS MANG!! HOOK ME UP!!! :rofl:

Yeah, I think everyone has at least one horror story to do with usps, yet they wanna cry wolf when people complain or use some other carrier service. I try not to use USPS if I can avoid it. Now you know why.



that sucks. I once had a mailer delivered that had a hole in it…it was empty. :frowning:


i only order online because of perorder bonus. I dont think capcom unity is going to send me another one, should’ve ordered from amazon.


Sounds like my mishap. Last year I had this bitch neighbor keep 200+ dollars in school books because of a UPS screw up. Lo and behold they did it again this year too. Keep pressing on their asses, they provide an important service and they better treat their job with some damn respect.

Much love to you guys, hope you get your games soon.


Man i haven’t receive MvC3 yet from USPS, what’s going on here? Who should i contact?


It looks like they’re (UPS) not making mistakes like back in the 90’s…you know, the GOOD kind of mistake, like when a c.o.d. import copy of Cvs1 (dreamcast, of course) was delivered to my workplace…and the driver placed the package on my desk, took my electronic signature…then ninja-vanished when I turned around to get the money order out of my cubby. Nigga must’ve been hauling ass at like 80 yards per second. He was just gone, vanished while I was still talking to him. Well…hope to beat- er, MEET you all soon online.