uStream + GGPO possible?


Is there a way I can stream GGPO or any other emus on Ustream/


ustream recommends using a program called WebCamMax to stream your monitor display.


I’ve gotten Livestream’s Procaster to work with GGPO/FBA. for samples

In order to use it with FBA you have to download the procaster software from

  • Select your audio and video bitrates in the settings then select “Game” as the source.
  • Launch FBA and select “Experimental (DirectX 9)” as the blitter. On GGPO this will remove the player names from the top left corner.
  • Start the streaming in game by pressing CTRL+F1, in FBA this brings up the cheat menu, just cancel it.

If you are playing on GGPO and recording make sure you have a decent upload speed.


No you don’t you can download many different softwares.

Also web-cam-max, Sucks do not use it.
Worst software for it out there.