Utada Hikaru 2010 US Tour

awesome! lots of people will get the chance to see her perform live!!


definitely a rare opportunity, I will definitely be at the Hollywood performance.

* Honolulu, HI @ Pipeline Cafe / 01.15.2010 @ 8PM
* Los Angeles, CA @ House Of Blue / 01.19.2010 @ 8PM
* Seattle, WA @ The Showbox / 01.21.2010 @ 8PM
* San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore / 01.24.2010 @ 8PM
* Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues / 01.30.2010 @ 8PM
* Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues / 02.02.2010 @ 8PM
* Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club / 02.05.2010 @ 7PM
* New York City, NY @ Irving Plaza / 02.08.2010 @ 8PM
* London, England @ O2 Academy Islington / 02.12.2010 @ 7PM

How did her English album do? (In terms of sales.)

London, England is now part of the US? :rofl:

We’re thinking about going to the one in Chicago, but its standing room only.

If you got a thing for nerdy white chicks this is the place to be.

Utada Hikaru’s pretty cool, and I like shows at the Fillmore, sounds like a win win situation.

hey it’s that broad that thinks she knows how to play tetris.

Who the hell is Utada Hikaru?

the southeast gets no love


that shit is SCARY

Utada Hikaru vs. TriForce Battle for the Glove BET IT!

and of course you would have to have walter day from twin galaxies officiate the match to make sure it’s legit. :rofl:

o… hmm. i sort of want to go. seeing as i might not ever get the chance to actually see her ever.:wonder:

I know some people going out here in Hawaii. I might go, but I doubt it seeing as I’ll be just getting back from a 10 day “vacation” in Cali on the 10th of Jan so getting another day off might not be easy


sees no date for Phoenix


YUI needs to come here so I can see her.

Make it happen Japan.

Oh its just music from the shitty jpop genre. nothing important.


And This

Which one?

eh…guess it doesn’t matter. :rofl:

I will fly out to the West Coast to see her preform if I have to, I like her music. It also gives me an excuse to see relatives.

she has a 10 year career and has put out a lot of good music and has gained a lot of fans worldwide.

10 years is a long time to be a fan, at least I can say I am glad to have the opportunity to see her perform.