Utah is considering cutting the 12th Grade

With its budget deep in the red, Utah is considering making senior year in high school optional. If education cuts proposed by state senator Chris Buttars are passed ? giving students the right to graduate after completing the 11th grade ? the state could shave $100 million off its $700 million deficit. “You’re spending a whole lot of money for a whole bunch of kids who aren’t getting anything out of that grade,” says Buttars. But education groups, teachers and high school students are fiercely opposed. Is there a case for cutting the 12th grade in tough financial times?

This is lunacy: Is Buttars out of his mind? asks the St. George, Utah, Spectrum & Daily News in an editorial. No research and “little thought” has gone into this proposal. Will we need a “remedial system” for kids unprepared for the real world? Has there been a “formal study” about how it will affect “college admissions”? It’s a completely “out-of-the-box” idea ? but it should go back in, “sealed tightly,” and never considered again.

Why should schools get special treatment? It’s really not such a bad idea, says Laura Banks in the Salt Lake Tribune. While “businesses and government agencies” are being forced to make cuts, there’s no reason why public schools shouldn’t “tighten their belts” too. As long as you “keep the libraries open and provide tutoring,” then “no one will miss the 12th grade.”

This bill actually wouldn’t change much: Students in Utah already have the choice to leave early, says Debra Roberts, chairwoman of the state’s education board, quoted in the Los Angeles Times. And about 200 a year do. But even though the “option is in place for early graduation,” students shouldn’t be “pushed” to leave.

What’s you thoughts SRK?

holy retardedness…really? niggas that hurt that they’ll cut out a whole fucking grade?

They’re proposing something like this too here in Hawaii, cutting off the senior year of high school. We are ALREADY giving every public school student EVERY OTHER FRIDAY off from school, a.k.a. “Furlough Fridays”.

Instead of having a senior year they want the students to go into a work study program as a substitute so the state can focus the funds on PreKindergarten through 11th grade.

I just feel like there could be better options for funding other than cutting a whole year’s curriculum out.

I mean, can you imagine applying for colleges as a high school student?

First of all, this is a horrible idea. Second Utah STAYS with some weird ass logic, they need help.

Times are getting tough these days. But depriving young people of an education isn’t an answer.

Utah doing shit that doesnt make sense again. Kind of ironic that this sentence would work for anything that deals with Utah. Because its Utah.

You didn’t write a single sentence in your entire post.

they/we have already been deprived by that watered down nonsense drool they teach you in school anyways. to be honest, they shouldnt be pushed, but theyre being realistic, and understanding that a vast majority of these kids are just dicking around, enjoying socializing at school their last year, BUT, at the end of the day, unless its that bad, i mean, i would rather have kids dicking around in school still learning something, even if not a lot, then most likely spending that senior year getting into bullshit dicking around with dumb asses and doing nothing while their parents are out busting their ass with multiple jobs to get by in this horrible economy.

the idea initially sounds outrageously stupid, but looking back at my senior year,and my friends, i didnt do shit but take a bunch of gym classes, and i was a library aid, aka sit around and do nothing but homework you didnt do last night period. its not like people hit 12th grade, and WHAMMY, we’re gonna teach you everything you have always needed. i dont like the age that they would be graduating though. i have a late birthday, so i would be graduating at 16. fresh 16 at that. i think the 12 grades worked well for many other reasons, but also because it booted you into the real world at a proper age, some 17 but mostly 18, which would boot you out of college at a perfect age to get things poppin. imagine graduating college and still being 20. damn. ha ha

all in all, i dont give a shit. shits all chaotic around the world anyways. just do what you want. lol

I don’t know… I mean if it provides some sort of work study for whatever career path you are gonna go for than that is awesome. Although I don’t think colleges will really like that though. A lot of high schools have different things taught at the 12th grade, so missing out on an entire grade could be a huge negative impact. I guess a half-assed high school diploma is better than none? Even then with a highschool diploma it’s getting harder and harder to get anything nowadays.

Low on money? Just cut out education. That’s a surefire way to ensure a great future.

Christ almighty, doing this will only lower the overall IQ and lure more numbnuts to Mormonism. Is this a serious suggestion? Please tell me its a joke.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. sure i made use of my senior year of high school but most people didn’t. If I remember correctly, we keep kids in school longer than the europeans. I’m not sure but I think they’re done with high school a year or two earlier than we do. We also need to change the structure of high schools. our high schools are too egalitarian we think that every kid can be the next einstein when we all know that’s not true. other countries have figured this out and they have varying levels of schools where the brightest minds get the education they need to be the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists and engineers and the kids that are a few sandwiches short of a picnic get put into schools that prepare them to take food orders.

EDIT: another thing to think about is how many of you all went to CC or university and found yourself repeating classes you took in highschool? I know a good amount of people that were able to get through pre-calc in their senior but because of our horrible educational system when they were faced with assessment test they were placed in pre-algebra and then they couldn’t even pass pre-algebra because they were finally expected to do real work.

Alright then, phrase(I think)… I suck at English.:sad:

Really? I’d think by senior year you’d really already be set in that department.

Besides, there’s clearly ALOT of waste in our current education system. You can’t tell me anyone needs 7 hours a day 5 days a week with how little actual lecture there is vs post lecture fluff and free time the average class has. The material just really shouldn’t be taking that long to knock out. I don’t want to make light of all the complexities that goes into the public education we have now, but by cutting senior year, there’s really almost nothing lost.

I know where I graduated, senior year was essentially just a taxpayer free ride to party all year with jailbait. I mean, it was awesome, but really now. And before someone says “lol the south”, it was an insanely wealthy area (around $100K average salary deal, many of us coming from millionaire families. The “poor” kids were still upper class) with roughly 5000 kids in the school at any given time.

amazing how schools are so broke considering they receive money from: property tax, lotteries, federal and state taxes

maybe if legislators didn’t funnel this money into other things instead of using it what it was for, we wouldn’t have these problems

i was reading an article the other day about some co-op program schools in north carolina were doing that involved high schoolers taking college courses and it pointed out that the traditional senior year is pretty much useless in terms of educational value…granted NC was taking advantage of this fact by utilizing that extra year to give their kids some college-level knowledge and utah is planning on just axing it off to cut costs, but the fact remains that the 12th grade is unnecessary.

The fact is, over at my high school, all you have to take are English 4 and Economics and Civics to pass. Most of them don’t even look like they care to be in 12th grade at all.

My high school year was mostly college classes. I’m glad for that. I could have just taken English and Math and 4 electives, like most people did.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this in my state though. Florida is apparently the worst in regards to budget for education. They are making cuts left and right. Rich people want tax cuts, poor people want tax cuts… They’ve closed down 10 libraries and 4 schools in my town this past 2 years because of it.

I’d rather see a diversion of funds into the earlier grades than the later grades. Face it, if a kid doesn’t care about schooling by grade 12, then it is doubtful they will ever care about it. If a State is that far in the red it might as well attempt to promote independent interest in schoolwork at an earlier age.


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Sad truth is that the kids coming out of these schools are, o average, not all that bright. That time really is necessary for most of them. The fact that they need it when they shouldn’t is a different matter entirely. They removed grade 13 the year I entered high school and I didn’t mind as I knew that with a full course load you would need to take exactly zero classes in the 13th grade to graduate as you’d already be finished. I’m not sure if they had grade 13 in that neck of the woods but my point is that year was expendable. Removing the 12th grade from a generation of kids who need it is downright stupid.

Furthermore, you have to take into consideration the ages of the kids leaving school. Assuming a kid from Utah graduates without the 12th year, how old will they be? 17? Is that really the proper time for people to start planning their futures (ie. college/apprenticeship programs/university)?