Utah Ranbat 1.1


Ranbat 1.1 ? Blankamania! (19 players, 16 man double-elim tournament)

**UTSF Player Rankings**

Name       Rank Points #ofT Characters

Brian       1     10    1     Guile  
Andrew      2     7     1     Sagat
Jacob       3     5     1     Zangief
Kelly       4     3     1     Balrog
Mike        5     1     1     Blanka

8 hours, $80, and enough Hori?s, TE?s, SE?s, custom sticks, and FightPads to start your own online joystick business and you have yourself the first Utah Ranbat for SF4. Held on Saturday, April 11, from 1-9 pm at the house of Andy ?hadouken82?, 19 people came to commiserate and compete for money, ranking points, and a little bit of fun. Brian ended up holding off a furious rush from Andrew ?awalk002?, going 1-0, losing the second set of 5, and going aggressive Guile corner rushdown on Sagat to stay on top. Jacob ?uglyduckling? earned 3rd for his smothering Zangief play, with Kelly ?Konqrr? placing 4th with some well-executed Boxer and two of the four Blanka?s, Mike and Dana, squeezing in at 5th and 6th. The first three spots earned $35, $15, and $5 for their efforts, with the remaining $20 going into the Ranbat pool to be awarded at the end of the season the week before Evo in July.

The finals between Brian and Andrew captured the attention of everyone in the room that night. Brian went up a close 1-0 with some stingy Guile play, then Andrew roared back with his Sagat. At one point, Brian thought that he had the round wrapped up, daring Andrew to lay down some suppressing Tiger fire while Brian turtled at the opposite corner. Taunting Sagat to throw Tiger shots is like daring Daigo to parry Chun?s SA2. It didn?t end well for Brian that round (he ended up winning it all anyway) but it had to be the funniest moment that night.

Other items of interest: the Ann Landers advice-giving during the tournament, helping underdogs and the heavily-favored alike. I guess we?re all just friends. There was too much hot and steamy Blanka-on-Blanka action as well?4 people!!! New faces from up north (Kyle ?underrealm? and Wallace ?THE_WALL?) came and left early, but they got to meet everyone and get in some casual play. Way to make the trip guys; please come again. Also, I was personally impressed with how people chipped in to help clean up Andy?s place. We all came, we played, we ate his pizza, used his sticks and TV?s and couches and house, and we helped put his place together again. Stay classy, players. Very nice.
Don?t forget, Ranbat 1.2 happens in 2 weeks, so keep up in the Utah thread for updates as they happen. And practice, practice, practice! Everyone but you, Brian.


Great Ranbat. Mind editing yur post so you list top 5/6 in descending order, kinda alot of work to scan through for winners.



top 5:

  1. Deron Williams
  2. Carlos Boozer
  3. Paul Milsap
  4. Andre Kiralinko
  5. Memet Okur



i like mehmet okur over ak47 and paul milsap


utah jazz XD


LOL @ the Jazz

That was a great turnout and great tournament. I’ll have my fight money yet…:nunchuck: