Utah Street Fighters Unite

I’m currently trying to set up a Street Fighter 4 scene in Utah (Northern more specifically, but anyone is welcome). If you yourself, or anyone you know anyone around the Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo area would be interested in getting together, please let me know. I’d like to organize some meets and hopefully some tournaments as well.

I’ve got an Arcade here that I’m talking about getting this set up. Unfortunately at the moment he doesn’t have a single SF4 machine. Due entirely to budget constraints, as his arcade is newly created. So we’ve discussed possibly setting up consoles with Fightsticks (and pads) on large HD TVs for the time being. He was originally going to wait for the game to release on PC (as his arcade is also a LAN center) but that won’t be until around june/july. Of course, depending on the amount of interest I can gather and the support from the community, I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to get a hold of some actual arcade cabinets and boards.

I believe that with Street Fighter 4’s launch on the consoles, the time is ripe for not only a full blown Street Fighter mania to sweep the nation… but a revival of the local arcade as a hot spot. So many kids these days just hang around gas stations and fast food joints. Why not an arcade!?! The time is now!

So please, if you know anyone, or have the ability to pass the word along to a broader audience. Please, let me know!



I have kind of been looking for this very thing. It seems that not a lot of people in Utah are into SF or maybe we are all just in hiding or something. I get tired of playing my friends that aren’t any good (they are just humoring me most of the time)

I’d be down but I don’t know anyone else.

P.S. I’m in West Jordan

Dude there’s a great SF scene in Utah. . . did you miss this thread. . .it’s right next to this one: