Utah Thread: Not everyone is Mormon......just the majority


Anyone in the Provo area play UNIEL? I too moved here recently. Or is it mostly Street Fighter and Smash? I’ve been to our Smash weeklies before, pretty cool, but I haven’t found really found anything else that’s consistent. I guess I’ll check that Facebook group out? I don’t use Facebook much though.


Looks like I’ll be in the Logan area for the week of Oct 26-30. Does anyone play games there, etc?

I tried looking on Facebook, but the Utah group is closed to new people?


Just request to join the utah fgc on facebook


What if we’re not on Facebook?





Hey! umm… I’m a dude. That is getting into fighting games… Anyone still here??..


Holy shit, no one checks this thread any more.

But yes, we are. Mainly FaceBook though.


Woot Woot!


Wow this thread is dead. Does anyone still play in Utah? SFV just came out so there has to be something going on.


Most conversations happen on the fb group


Could you link me to the FB group, I am not experienced with facebook, I can’t seem to find it.




Cool man thanks


Yup we are all on the Facebook group for the most part. Huge Tourney happening March 12th so be ready and come out!


Mini-Tourney: March 26
Location: 801 Labs
Time: MKX 1-4 pm, SFV 4-8 pm
Cost: 10 bucks, 5 goes to prize pot, 5 goes to foundation against domestic abuse

RanBat: April 16, 2016.
Location: Game Tyrant
Time: 12:00 pm to 4 pm casuals, 4 pm to 8 pm TOURNAMENT
Cost: 10 bucks total, 5 goes to venue, 5 goes to prize pot
Payout: Top 4 pays outs, Top 8 gets points



Who plays 3rd Strike?

I want to play 3rd Strike.

3rd Strike is a good game.

3rd Strike has lasted in various pockets.

Who wants to play 3rd strike in Utah.


utah fgc dead? i wanna play in local tournaments but it seems like there are none, except the sparse game tyrant ones.


Tournaments are sparse yes, but locals happen frequently. You just have to ask and they’ll let you join. Unless you’re smelly, then they never let you come back… sob


There is a tournament this Saturday. And we are all on Facebook now. This forum is dead


801 Utah fgc