This is pretty much for everyone that goes to UTB. I figured since there is a nice little scene we got here it wouldn’t hurt to know when everyone is free to play some games. Who knows maybe we can get some tournies is at the SU.

Of course others are welcome to join in on the thread so yeah. :woot:


I go to UTB, I have classes kind of late(well, at 1:40pm), but I sometimes show up a bit early to check in if anyone is having games.

I’ve been thinking of taking my Hori, too bad those are so heavy XD, so I really don’t know if I should lol.


last semester i took my dc sometimes and my mas stick, so i don’t know it’s kindda up to you.

Yeah i schedual is all jacked up this semester. I won’t know for sure until they let me know what my work schedual is gonna be. i dont know why they want to change it but whatever.

We’ll see whats up.


Im usually on school every morning from 8 to 12 then Im free.

Im up for cvs 3s and and marvel (fuck GG).
you guys should set meeting times


Like I said before these people over here at User Support Services are fucking with my schedual and changing everything so i’m not sure when i’ll be able to be free. When i know you will.

I wouldn’t mind getting some cvs2 in and of course marvel. When everything get sorted out i’ll just bring my dc and an extra converter if anyone needs it. I usually park near the SU so it’s all good.


bring your own damn stick aaron >=( lol making me play marvel on pad… FAGGG anyways yea jd i wanna play you when we both have sticks =) see how that goes, im there m w f from like 1 to 4 in the su so whenever you wanna drop by around then you will see me =)


I’ll proly bring my dc on friday so yeah, no more bitching.


Ima show up around 10 at the su on friday and i’ll have my dc my mas and a converter if anyone brings a ps stick. If anyone wants to play some marvel or cvs2 i’ll be there.


good games the other day guys. I found my converter, it was in my sock cabinet. I’ll bring it next time so that we have two sticks.


man aaron wtf else do you have in your sock drawer? thats pretty random… hmmm i have a converter… some socks… a space ship… wtf lol anyways yea this friday make sure to take it :slight_smile:


Its like his gun! You aint know??!

AARON when are you going to play with us? Frobane take me to UTB or something lol.


Teaching 2 College Algebra courses here and tutoring at the CDI Math Lab. Still alive and kicking somehow.


You should swing by friday mornings and get some games in. I’m gonna be going from around 10 til 12 or 1 every friday.


I work from 8 to 1 on Fridays.


People figuring out new ways to use their computers.


Ima be on SU around 11:30 till 1:00 tomorrow


Tomorrow? Go on Friday instead.


good games the other day guys. Proly see you all during the week.


Ill be there tomorrow at 12 on SU in case anyone is playin

I kinda wanna play some marvel


Do you have class on fridays? If you do from what time to what time? I really only go and play from 10 to around 1 or 1:30 on fridays. I usually don’t go anyother day of the week.