Uterine malformation


This isn’t new or anything aside from the Tyra is an asshole bit at the bottom but I had no idea this could happen.

Very depressing article about double vaginae. (yeah its from 2007)

Then i see

-Horrible show host/person included-

i hate people like this




That’s a lot of pussy.


With the way those bitches look, that stage must have stunk to high Heaven.


is it wrong that i laughed?


Pics or didn’t happen.


I don’t even wanna think about the mess that is a period in these women…


theres a picture in one of the comments on the video.




I don’t think so. Certainly different, but not nasty. Probably would give DP an entirely new meaning, though…


hahaha where is the rep groove when i need it most.


QVDA :cool:


the picture in the comments of the double vageno looks like a pig nose.


I dunno, that unshaven hair was pretty nasty man.


The words of a true porn addict.