Utilising double tapping

recently i got myself a HRAP3 to learn how to execute alot of stuff in fighting games properly.

and im not sure about the limits of double tapping/situations where i should be double tapping.

in 3s, i double tap every special move and it’s really helped my execution.
however, when timing normals, im not sure how to use it. I suppose ill give you my example.
When using akuma, after lk tatsu when timing lp reset, c.lp reset, hp reset, i never use double tapping cos for some reason, it never comes out properly when i double tap but if i just time one tap, i get these resets most of the time.

in sfIV, i don’t really play it but i like to try improve my execution on the challenge modes.
when doing links, i also never double tap (but I hear that’s where double tapping is most helpful). like whenever i link normals (eg. like all the last lvl normal trials in challenge mode) i get the link more times using one tap than 2.
Should double tapping be reserved for really hard comboes like abel’s hp after forward kick (supposedly 1 frame link) (even for this combo, i complete it more times using one tap).

lastly for fadc comboes, u guys don’t double tap out those specials rite? cos i feel like im pressing a million buttons within like 1 second (sfIV system is so weird, comboing can be so hard but i can buffer 2 qcfs and wait like 1 second before pressing buttons and the super still comes out).

Sorry for the very drawn out post. just had alot of examples on my mind.

Thx in advance.

Well, double tapping works, but there’s a better alternative that in SF4 if you’re trying to nail 1 frame links consistently.


Basically, plinking lets you register a button input on two consecutive frames. The concept is similar to double tapping but is much more effective.

In sf4 plinking is a lot easier imo and in some instance even has advantages over double tapping. For example Seths s.hk > c.mp is a 1 frame link but doing s.hk > c.mp~lp~lk turns it in to a 3 frame link (with c.lk comming out on the third frame instead, which is a bit less damage but if you double tapped you’d only have a two frame window and on the third frame nothing would come out, meaning you drop your combo. For 2+ frame links I think it’s perfectly reasonable to just learn them with a single button press, they aren’t overly difficult after a while of practising the specific link timing.

For hard links after an fadc I double tap instead of plink, that just comes more naturaly to me in that situation, not sure why.

I’m using double tapping less these days because I try to use Option Selects whereever possible. If you’re just playing SFIV for trial mode then it would probably just be better to learn how to plink. It won’t help your execution much in other games though. Well, maybe for kara throwing I guess.