Utilizing what you learn

Hey everyone, so the issue I’ve been running into a lot is I may read about something on the boards, or receive a tip from a player better than myself about maybe I should use this tactic more, and things of that nature, and it seems to me that while I may be able to get the execution down rather easily, it seems like it’s hard for me to find the opportunities to utilize it in a match, or rather to utilize it properly. Is there anyway to better be able to spot the opportunities to begin to utilize certain tactics other than punishing something an opponent does? Right now it feels as if I have to just guess, and it doesn’t seem like I should always be guessing on when to do something because then I’m just giving away free hits for my opponent.

Its practice man. Its all the just practicing. If you don’t see chances for you to utilize what you’ve learned, then make those chances happen.

If you’ve just been practicing executing then your not going to get anywhere. If you don’t want to just practice on punishing (WHICH IS SO KEY IN ANY FIGHTING GAME!!) then practice on zoning and footsies.

Zoning and footsies will lead into punishing your opponent and making them mentally frustrated. When they are, they’ll probably start doing some scrub stuff and get anxious like jumping in at you or just jumping in general. If your opponent likes to move back and forth, its good to zone and play footsies with them. Actually even without them playing like that, its good to do that to space you and your opponent back and to get him cautious.

Get hit confirming down. If you can hit confirm off of lets say, we’ll use Ryu as an example. I jump in with a MK and throw two jabs. If they’re blocking I’ll probably go for a tick throw but if not I’ll throw out a c.MK xx Hadouken. I count this as executing as well. If you mess up you mess up and that’s bad execution even for something so simple as that.

Find your characters best anti-air(s). Some character may have situational anti-airs in certain situations as in some of them work for different distances and such. Make them know that they can’t be jumping in on you or they have to stay mounted to the ground. That’s when footsies come in and wreck.

Find out which of your characters pokes work best and there frames. Obviously people have better pokes then others but this is also situational depending on your spacing and your opponent. Don’t feel obligated to play keep away or annoying. Winning is winning and it will get you better and better.

Just take it one step at a time and keep practicing. My buddy has the same problem your having as well.