UW Thread revival (Casuals/Gatherings/Tourneys)


So there’s a decent amount of people at uw but nothing ever goes down here. My transportation is messed up for awhile so anyone want to get something going on here in the u district? I have tooo much free time in between classes!

Seattle/UW players

How many people visit this forum are actually students at UW or at least live within reasonable busing distance?


I’m also taking summer classes this quarter. My friend and I play Third Strike at Odegaard study rooms sometimes hahaha. We should definitely have some kind of UW Summer Sessions or something.

On a side note: have you guys visited Pink Gorilla on the ave? I went there earlier today during my lunch break and put some time into their Marvel and CVS2 machines. Pretty cool.


Well I’ll be free and willing to host after 12pm on Friday. Kinda want to focus on ssf4 at the moment but I’ll bring my stick/xbox if you guys want to get something going in Odegaard.


Friday’s don’t work too well with me =/ Do Mondays or Tuesdays work? On Tuesdays I have a 3hr gap in between classes until 4:00pm, so those work best with me I guess.

I have a few friends that want to learn SSF4. This could be a cool training session for people.

Oh and as for Odegaard, the best place to reserve is the Digital Presentation Studio on the third floor. It’s a big room and has two TV’s inside - perfect for Street Fighter haha. One of the TV’s was recently changed to a Samsung LCD, so I don’t know if it lags or not (haven’t tested it yet). We used to use the CRT that was in there (since the other TV is this huge 50 inch plasma).


Anyone going to be there tomorrow (Friday)? I’ll probably be around and free after noon.


Ah I’m already back at my place so I won’t be going back to campus. Maybe next week?

Anyways Mondays or Tuesdays works for me, I’m free after 12pm Mondays, 2pm Tuesdays. Does the Studio have consoles or do we have to bring our own?


Yeah, I could do Tuesday from 2-4pm. We would just have to reserve the DPS room ahead of time. It doesn’t have consoles since it’s mainly a room designed to practice presentations and stuff, so we’d have to bring our own.


I’m busy this weekend, but if something goes down next week I’d like to show up. I’m not doing classes this summer, but still live close to campus. I have a dual-modded stick I can bring.


I’m a UW student living here for the summer. Let me know what you guys set up.


Awesome. How does Tuesday (July 20) from 2-4pm at the Odegaard DPS room (Room 334) sound to everyone? The DPS room can only be reserved for a maximum of 2 hrs, so this falls in the most convenient time so far. Is this a good time for you guys? I can go ahead and reserve it. If you guys want more time, someone else will have to reserve the room either before or after.

Since there are two TV’s in there, I guess it could be possible to have two setups going on. I could also bring a stick. Anyone willing to bring a system in?

Also: Invite more people to come! haha we could make this thing big


im down to show up for this, sounds like fun. I can bring a PS3 TE stick


I can bring shit if possible but would prefer not to since I have to carry a bunch of shit throughout the day and also to Kirkland on Tuesdays! Lemme know if you need equipment.


What kind of hookups do the TVs have? I can possibly bring a 360.


Don’t the libraries specifically have rules against setting up consoles in the study rooms?

Unless of course, we’re doing a presentation that uses the 360/PS3 as a media player, and just happen to end early enough to play some games.


I’ve been working at Odegaard for three years now so I’m pretty sure it’s alright. My organization is the one that maintains that room even though it’s the library that deals with the reservations. What people do in the public libraries is really up to them, and librarians or library staff aren’t allowed to judge. It’s pretty much why people are allowed to play CS and Stafcraft on the lab computers because we don’t really know if they are doing it for a class (such as for research).

As long as we don’t cause a disturbance (which is really unlikely), then it should be ok.

For the hookups, I know that the smaller LCD TV has component, composite and HDMI inputs. I haven’t looked at the large plasma TV recently, so I’ll check that one out. I’m pretty sure it has all the same ones, though.


Do any of them have vga outputs?


I know for sure that the large plasma TV has VGA input since that’s what people use to hook up their laptops if they want to view it on the big screen. I’ll be checking it out on Monday morning to confirm what is available


Alright well I’ve got a 360 vga cable so that should cut down the lag.


I’m down to play, I live stupid close to Odegaard.