UW Thread revival (Casuals/Gatherings/Tourneys)


I’m trying to play, but don’t know who to use. MODOK’s so cute, but he doesn’t seem all that good…


I’m messing around with mvc3 also. the game is hella hectic. i have no idea whats going on sometimes and find myself mashing =[ =[


X-factors make me want to rip my hands out. X-Factor Sentinel? wtf?


^ lol 3 hits and most of the cast is dead is freaking dumb but awesome (assuming you’re the one using him lol). i think the worst part is the accidental assist/tags where Sent HSF’s and it kills both like nothing


Anyone bringing marvel 3 this thursday? I’m going to try and make it this time around.


otherwise, laptop ST anyone? :wonder:


I have it on my 360, so I’m sure we’ll play some tomorrow.


Sweet, thanksPaul. I’ma try make it out, see if i can get my boss to let me off early. BTW have you been going toefu dojo lately?


Since no one seems to post in this thread (/wrists) is it going to be Marvel 3 again today?


I bring my ps3 every time now, so there will always be mvc3, ssfiv, mvc2, and hdr. Mostly i suspect it will be MvC3. Solid sesh today even though it was me Paul and JJ. On behalf of Paul owning my face in super more often than not, I’m proud to say I reign supreme over Paul so far. Suck it, and you use sentinel!


lol just give it time. The natural order will restore itself.

Man, I don’t even want to play super anymore. Shit just feels gross.


Console freeplay huh? Sounds intriguing. So Thursdays in Denny 302 from 4-6pm. Is this a weekly or biweekly deal?


Work, once again, keeping me on lockdown. Either way, glad to hear that people are showing up. How many arcade sticks do you have for ps3? I have a couple I could bring if you guys need some.

And to the guy above, it is weekly unless noted.


Yeah, we meet every Thursday in Denny 302, from 4 to 6pm. Next week will be the last meeting for this quarter though.


Hey, I’ve recently been playing a lot of MVC 2 again, anyone have the game available? :tup: If not, I’m definitely goign to be making it this time around, be bringing my PS3 stick.


Pretty sure I can make it, too…is MVC3 the main game? I’m thinking it’s been out long enough that I’ll have no chance whatsoever.


Is there going to be one during finals next week? I can’t make this one since I’ll be asleep/writing a paper after a test tomorrow, but i should be done with the quarter before next thursday so I could make the next one.


No word if there’s a meet this week? I went last week but then i realized no one was there. Shout outs to the banana that someone left in Denny 302


There’s no meeting this week, or during spring break. Sorry about last week - I had work, and I guess the other officers got tied up.


No problem about last week. So meetings starting next quarter?