UW Thread revival (Casuals/Gatherings/Tourneys)


Aww man, no good for me…I got class until 6 on Fridays. Any clue how long it’ll run for? I might be able to peek my head in for a little bit if it’s going past then.


ggs guys, see you next week probably!


Ggs guys. just wondering, anyone going to toefu dojo tonight? I might go but i need a partner for 2v2


Unless there’s an e-mail from the club stating otherwise, meetings should be Denny 216 for Friday at 4:30. I’ll keep the thread posted with e-mail updates for those who don’t get the e-mails.


:frowning: I probably won’t be making it to any meetings any time soon. How long will you guys be going for? I’m in MGH until 5:50 every Friday.


Gameclucks on Saturday Marvel 3 and Super! Where’s that UW crew at?


We end about 6:30 PM so if you have time you can stop by.

As far as UW goes, I can’t say how many UW guys actually post on SRK. I know for sure I’m going to be there playing MvC 3 thuogh :). SSF4 is too much for my small mind.


For those of you not on the mailing list:

"Hey guys-

So, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the meeting is on, but I never got a confirmation that the room is free tomorrow. So, uh, let’s hope that we can actually use it? Denny 216, 4:30. If we don’t have that room… we’ll figure it out? My guess is 305 will still be open. Hope to see you all there, and not a class of night students!"

So Denny 216 or Denny 305. I’m bringing a ps3 stick, but no games are available on meright now.


In hopes that he thread doesn’t become dead, no meeting today.


For those not on the e-mail list:

"Hey guys,

so we’re on for this week’s meet, in Denny 302. We’re going to be meeting there for the rest of the quarter. See you guys there!"


I’ve been busy with work lately, but I’ll be able to come this week with my 360 and a projector.


I haven’t been to one of these in a really long time. It’s still at 4:30 right? I plan on coming today.


Starts 4:30, ends at around 6:30 (Can’t remember).


Anyone going to Battle for Seattle? I actually have time to go this time around on the weekend.


I will most likely be there.


Sweet looks like I’ll see you guys on the 20th later this week. Just picked up ssf4 so im looking forward to playing you guys!


Sounds good, I’ll probably bring an asus monitor, can someone bring a system? and I might be a little late since work


I have my monitor on me with hdmi so if anyone can bring a system and joystick it would be much appreciated.


I’ll have my 360 setup with me as usual.


I will have to leave a little early today, I usually gotta be somewhere Friday evenings.