UYG Tekken 6 Online US Only Tournament (Saturday, February 6th @ 6pm EST)

**UYG PSN Online Tournament (Saturday, February 6th @ 6pm est) **

Time: Saturday, September 6th @ 6pm EST

Where: webchat.quakenet.

Entry Fee: $0

**Rules of the Tournament: **

  • First to 3 wins
  • Best 2 out of 3 sets
  • Double Elimination
  • Round Times are set at 99

Brackets will be readily available to everyone who’s seated in the tournament. Must be registered at in order to qualify for seatings. (These tournaments are scheduled to be held biweekly and are one of the most highly organized tournaments set up online.)

You can also pass through to visit by typing in your browser:, channel #T6. Speak to one of the Tournament holders there on steps to get seated in the tournament.

Here are the results for the UYG Tekken 6 Online Tournament. Due to the small percentages of people participating in the tournament, we made adjustments to switch the tournament into a Round Robin settings to accomodate those who were fortunate enough to join us.