UYG XBL Online Tournament


Just to give you guys a heads up. UYG is going to start setting up online tournaments again on XBL. (We’ve been out of commission for abit but we’re back in action!) We’ll have professionally laid out brackets for everyone to check up on for standings. But first…the rules:

[]Double Elimination
]Best 2/3 format with finals 3/5
[]99 second round time
]2/3 rounds
[]All characters are legal
]Character Lock in Effect
[*]3 Day Time Limit for completing each respective match. Should a match go undone for 3 days. Coin Flip Toss will go into effect.

Matches begin September 19th (Sunday)

Please report to the webchat link listed below and you will receive directions as to the process of registration for the tournament.

On your Web Browser type: Channel is #streetfighter4

Good luck and I hope to see you guys all there.

**Also, keep in mind posting your information in this thread will not guarantee a spot in the tournament. **

Extra Notes: If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can get in touch with the following people on SRK:

Sounds cool. im down

I’m down as well.

My GT is over here:


Yum Yum! :smiley:

i m down

xbix gamer tag is rockingrocky615

Also post here aswell.

UYG XBL SSF4 Online Tournament - Up Your Game

I am down. I thought Ranbats was on the 19th…but this should be good.

I am in this. I like that this has a character lock.

Guys, keep in mind that if you DO want in on this tournament to sign up at the registration thread on UYG - UYG XBL SSF4 Online Tournament - Up Your Game

Signups on this thread will most likely NOT be included, so just make a couple extra clicks and get signed up.

ayo can i get in on this

gt is same as my name :smiley:

Spread the word everyone we want this to be big.

I’m down.

GT: iiZantetsukenii