UYG's PSN Night Tournaments

Up-Your-Game (aka UYG) is throwing up a schedule of weekly tournaments. All tournaments will be streamed live for other viewers to check out the action as well.

-Casuals Every Tuesday Nights starting @ 9pm EST.
-Tournaments every Thursday Nights Starting @ 9pm Eastern. Link for Registration: BBCS Tournament Registrations
Tournaments begin on January 6th, 2011

-Casuals Every Monday Nights starting @ 9pm EST.
-3v3 East Coast Tournaments every Wednesday Nights starting @ 9pm Eastern. Link for Registration: East Coast 3v3 Team Registrations
Begins January 5th, 2011
-3v3 West Coast Tournaments every Saturday Nights starting @ 9pm Eastern. Link for Registration: West Coast 3v3 Team Registrations
Begins January 8th, 2011

Arcana Hearts 3
-Tournaments every Friday Nights starting @ 9pm Eastern. Link for Registration: Arcana Hearts 3 Registration Link
Begins January 21st, 2011

Which games are u streaming? If it’s Super Turtle Fighter 4 nvm

We’re actually trying to start up for BBCS and SSFIV (both).

You should try to do something like a tournament EVERYDAY of the week, something like

BBCS Monday
SSF4 Tuesday
MvC2 Wednesday
HDR Thursday
W/e Fighting game left Friday

That’s a really good idea. I’ll definitely take note into that.

If there are enough popular fighting games, then doing that will be a way to give the community (or at least different parts of the community) something to look forward to every week, as long as you’re dedicated into running the streams everyday, since it does seem like hard work.

Idealistically, it’s a good idea. But it’s gonna be pretty hard work IMO. Can probably even alternate each week with singles one week and teams the next week.

I’m in for MVC2 and BBCS

Actually, the stream already runs every night from 9pm est til 2am. As far as tournaments go, it’s not just one person that runs/maintains the tournament. There’s usually 3 moderators (so to speak) that run the tournament simultaneously.

I’m in but clearly you haven’t establish your plan other then DingDong giving you an idea. Much less games you want to do tourneys on. LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU’VE MADE UP YOUR MIND!!

The tournaments are originally SSF4 and BBCS. I’m just open to suggestions as far as what other people would prefer as well.

I’d say the most played games, at least from the PSN forum section, are probably SSF4, MvC2, BBCS, HDR, and don’t really have a 5th.

Tekken, some random KOF game, SC4, Mortal Kombat, Arcana Heart 3, Battle Fantasia, VF5 are some of the other not so popular (or at least netplay wise) options that can be slotted. Hell, even a rotation of them can be done for the last day of the week.

Wanna think even more outside the box? Put it some Naruto or DBZ game. Even more outside the box? EA MMA, UFC, or a WWE game LOLOL

:rofl: Now that’s kind of pushing it.

Fuck that I’m up for some Naruto LMAO

Do they actually have rooms in Naruto?

I didn’t realize you had to take care of both sides of the coast. My ideal plans would make more sense if you basically just allowed like US/Canada and not divide by east/west coast.

It’s mostly due to connectivity issues (trying to avoid lag as much as possible). Hence, why it’s broken between EC and WC. Personally, I connect full green bars with Canada so I consider them as East Coast.

In that case, probably what’s best for you…

Monday EC SSF4
Tuesday EC BBCS
Wednesday WC SSF4
Thursday WC BBCS
Friday whatever

and now us marvel heads will leave lol

LMAO ya lets dip

*Edited the scheduling accordingly.