V.2013 SaGatS WisH LisT!



I was looking for a wish list thread but couldn’t find one so here we go!!! Please I know it says wish List but please let’s be realistic here!!! Don’t start come with 2f command grabs lol


I play GaT online (BSV SagoD) been playing him since vanilla and I think he is balance just need minor tweeks.
cr.short should get 3 fr. And c. Jab should get a 5 frame recovery
Angry scar should increase the damage of tiger knee.
Take away that stupid costume with the wig.
I feel like his super should fully connect at the end.
High n low tiger shot recovery should decrease 3-5 fr
more damage at the corner with u1
Fix u1 in the corner against certain characters like rose
Slightly Better dashes n overall walk speed
Increase the range and priority of standing mp anti air, could help against akumas
Better window to punish after foward lk


I don’t think there’s a character that does less damage in corner with ultra they should fix that for Gat


Well I’ll give it a bash since I’m bored and I really want a v2013 to happen.

  1. Make the mp AA a command normal.
  2. st.lk cancel back
  3. Second hit of TK should do at least 70 damage.
  4. TK frame advantage on block up by a few frames
  5. If their not going to fix U1 make Tiger Cannon hit all hits.
  6. Give him a suit alt like Fei Long/Balrog - Boss.


Fix the stupid corner ultra shit
Up the damage the 2nd hit of tiger knees
maybe make the 2nd hit of a st lk cancelable

and in response to highland

  1. to noob with sagat, no comment [ i just use tiger uppers or roundhouses if im desperate]
  2. yes
  3. yes
  4. i think its fin if you space it
  5. yes
  6. more like get rid of his weird hair costume

and i remember seeing you in the fei forums. been learning gat and picking up fei as of last week. i feel bad for you fei players with the rekka nerf.
on the first rekka with cody on block with execution you can do a 300 damage fadc
on the second rekka with gat and ryu you can low forward fireball to fadc for damage [gat] or a sweep [ryu]
Im still gonna work with fei as i love chars with fundamentals but lol at the scrubs that call him braindead


The thing is you can AA with mp right over your head also without letting go of block. This works well against certain moves that make Tiger uppercut whiff, you can also obviously react faster with one button than a input special. The problem is not so much the move itself, it’s the fact that the timing is strict and if you mess it up slightly you get his far standing mp which is useless and also leads to eating a fat combo.

Fei’s rekka is fine. It was OP in previous versions. You just have to think about your spacing a lot more now. The less brain dead move’s in this game the better really. Second rekka with Gat you can just uppercut that shit mate :wink:


I talked with EmblemLord and this is what I came with for Sagat:

  • Tiger Knee: +3 blockstun for M and H and +2 for L(-8/-10/-15)
  • Ex: reduce the start up with 1 frame (6)
  • Low Tiger Shot: reduce the recovery with 1 frame (44)
  • Ultra 1: fix ultra glitch
  • LK: - reduce recovery with 2 frames (7)
  • change the dmg distribution form 20+30 to 10+40
  • F+LK: reduce the recovery with 1 frame (15)
  • cl HK: make cancellable hitbox bigger
  • H Tiger Uppercut AC: +10 dmg (190)

what do you guys think ?


Bro, I begged for that for soooooo long. Just make it b+mp

It would help me in the guy match up soooooo much lol.


I also feel that ex tiger knee shouldn’t loose to jabs!! It’s ridiculous. Maybe trade n knock down on Sagats favor


Make f+hk fadc useful lol I would love if angry scar boosts up tk


Better recovery on ANgry Scar


1.why change the distribution?


One last thing make his f+ hk have a better vertical range.


Because the second hit is the effective hit. It’s the one you use for your spacing and your KD plus your frame traps.

Personally I think the second hit should do more than 40. It would even up his TU damage.


cancellable st.lk is everything i could ask for in the minimum.


You know what, I used to think like that. Then I take a look at the derp (akuma,cammy etc) the top tiers have got and think fuck it. I don’t just want to have something slightly better that will delay the inevitable jump in, I want Sagat to be a fucking monster.

If you’ve got EX cannon derp and he’s got option select ultra into teleport into derp sweep into derp fwd HK, I want a god damn Tiger Uppercut that kills you mother fuckers. Like it used to be.

I’m sick of getting put in a derp vortex 15 times then when I get a hit confirm I get 160 damage? WTF Capcom.


Yeah, but then i woke up and tought, nope, capcom wont do it.

Realistically speaking, that’s one single buff i can hope they will do, since they dont care much about sagat it seems.
With that little buff, i could actually believe fighting the top tiers with a car instead of a wooden carriage


As I mentioned before, it’s annoying to be a sagat main. Ryu mains cried in AE and they got his cr.mk back… Sagat needs st.lk, it would make him so much more solid and give him a fighting chance vs many characters. I’d aslo love the TS to go back to vanilla, minus the juggle of course. Swap TK damage as well please :wink: okay I just go greedy


I really wish he did more damage on anti airs and punishes. its so annoying to spend half a round getting chip here a tiger shot there and a couple anti airs. then you get jumped in on once or knocked down by vortex chars and all your work is gone. not to mention baiting a srk and all i get is a cr mp tiger knee without meter [then again im used to cody damage so im a bit spoiled :D]

comparing sagat to shotos and to vortex chars, its so much fucking work comparability to get a win vs people that dont hang them selves by repeatedly jumping into TU’s. I feel like i just play ryu when im tired/drunk as my cody and gat get blown up for stupid shit if im not on point. AAing dive kicks with ruffians make using srks seem like ez mode…

He is a pretty baller scrub buster though lol and hes actually fun to play for me. Idk what it is but people say sagat and fei are boring to play/watch but i get way more hype watching momochi/bonchan/fuudo play with baller spacing than watching poongko or tokido play rock paper scissors. Vortex was cool the first time i heard of tokido but now its a bit old, just my opinion.



Sagat plays wildly different online also which sucks, you miss a couple of obvious techs and your on your ass and dead. Funny about the drunk Ryu thing, I do that also, then if I’m really smashed I’ll pick Cammy…and still win.

If his low TS recovery was the same as the high it would instantly make every match more manageable also.