V-Dhalsim help

hi im having a really hard performing sims midscreen vc combo it goes like this i think
(Midscreen) VC2, c.Short or c.Forward slide, Fierce FB (takes em in the air), immediately hit em with s.Roundhouse, [DP+KKK, Fierce FB, DP+KKK, Fierce FB] repeat until you hit the corner, and juggle with repeated Yoga Flames

I just cant continue the combo after the standing roundhouse.I can do the corner vc no prob but not this one,any tips would be appreciated.I would also like some info on v dhalsim…is he worth it in V?is A better ? I like him in V because of his easy standing jab…in A he charges or something…also i have a hard time against sakura or anyone else…his good bad matchups his tricks and basic stuff
thank you!